2 GB SODIMM in a UMPC, will it work?


2gb_ddr2533_sodimm_ramI’m betting that a fair number of UMPC owners got the RAM upgrade bug right after I did last June. That’s when I threw caution to the wind and opened up my few-week old Samsung Q1 UMPC to swap out 512 MB SODIMM for a 1 GB SODIMM. The process is so easy that a caveman just about anyone can do it in a few minutes. That small investment of time and money pays back in spades, especially on a UMPC running Vista.

Turns out that you can get a 2 GB RAM module that fits in our UMPCs as well: the question is, will it work? Rather than have you shell out the bucks, I’m going to take another one for the team. I’ve been in conversation with Upgrade Computer Memory on the topic for two reasons: first, they have a great price for the RAM at $206.99 and second, they have a very liberal 30-day return policy. I’ve placed my order and expect to see the 2 GB SODIMM later this week. Once it arrives, I’ll carefully install it and see what (if anything) happens. My suspicion is that my Q1P will only recognize half of the memory; the folks at UCM figure that the BIOS might be the limiting factor here. If that’s true, that would be a tragic shame (and something I’d love to see the OEMs work on) because 2 GB of memory in a UMPC might provide a nice performance boost! Cross your fingers….



So, were there any luck installing the 2gb memory to your P1610, anyone?


I put a Corsair 2G SODIMM into my Q1, works just fine; the machine is noticably faster and more responsive with the additional memory.


I put a Corsair 2G SODIMM into my Q1, works just fine; the machine is noticably faster and more responsive with the additional memory.


Mike Cane:

Probably not. The new memory will be replacing the old memory, so you have the same number of sticks. The increased memory tends to reduce swapping, thus reducing hard drive power use. Hard drives, at least the sort with moving parts, tend to use quite a bit of power, so even adding one or more additional stick(s) will tend to reduce overall consumption.

James Kendrick

I haven’t seen any 2 GB microDIMMs anywhere at any price. Be aware that there are several different pin configurations for microDIMMs so you’d have to be sure and get the right one even if you could find one.


Jamie, have you seen the 2 GB micro DIMMs available anywhere? I’m curious as to what the cost is, so perhaps I can get one to try on my P1610. Thanks.

Jamie Poster

Thanks for pointing that out Kevin. After posting my response I checked UCP for microdimms at 2gb and couldn’t find one. I’m know they exist but I am sure they are twice the price! Microdimms are coming down but they’re still insanely expensive. Alas… I’ll just have to pretend that I’m getting more out of ready boost than I am. ;)

Kevin C. Tofel

Quick note to all of the Fujitsu P1610 owners that have commented here. The Samsung Q1-series uses a 200 pin SODIMM module. Fujitsu used a micro-DIMM module (with 214 pins, AFAIK) in the P1610, which is 35% smaller than a SODIMM, i.e.: the modules are not the same. I’m not trying to dampen your upgrade spirits, but didn’t want anyone to go out and buy the same item I bought for my Q1 in hopes of using it in a Fujitsu P1610.


Any idea if this is the same form factor as what’s in the P1610, I would love to upgrade it and 200 bucks is well worth it to me to get rid of the thrashing (even with the reg hacks).

I might just order one anyhow with their return policy, as long as it physically fits. If it doesnt work I can always return it.


I think it should work. The centrino platform supports 2GB of memory, but nothing more. I doubt that the system will recognize only half of the memory.

Another thing, $206 is a horrible price for 2GB of memory. You can get 2x2GB (4GB total) for $245 at Outpost.com, and a single 2GB stick can be pretty easily found for under $150.

Jamie Poster

Andrew — I’d be very interested in hearing about your success (hopefully!) with upgrading the 1610 to 2 gigs. Mine is slooooooow at 1 gig; in the meantime I’ll search out those registry hacks you speak of and check in later for your results. Jamie


well dvnation.com sales a q1 with 2GB ram installed so i’m guessing it would work.

Andrew Beery

So question… is this the same type of memory module that the p1610 uses? If someone can confirm it is… I’ll go ahead and try it out as well and let the group know

Don't Panic!

Way to go Kevin!

There is a re-stocking fee though… right, Isn’t there?


yeah i’m not getting my hopes up too much because i’m pretty sure the bios will only let the mobo go up to 1gb. any gurus out there willing to come up with a custom bios upgrade to let the q1 take 2gb of ram?


I hope it works. I doubt it will unless there’s a BIOS update. It’s usually the case for motherboards accepting newer versions of processors. It would be great if Samsung released some information on what exactly changes during their BIOS updates.

Andrew Forde

I keep hoping something like this will be made available and will work for my P1610. After making the recent registry hacks things are running MUCH better but I would still like more ram to make things even more snappy.

Fingers crossed for the Q1… I upgraded mine to 1GB a week after having it but don’t currently use it enough to warrant spending the cash. However if it works and you see enough performance boost then I may well lay down the cash… assuming I can find a good price in the UK.


Race ya!
I was planning on picking mine up right after work, but if you are already ordering one…
Okay – you get this story ;)


If it works i will be on the boat with you and upgrade my Q1P which is 2 days old now and loving it.

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