What Does a "Thriving Office" Sound Like in a Web Worker World?


As web workers, we push back against the stereotypes of what’s necessary to appear professionally successful. A corner office. Lots of billable hours. A busy staff running around. Every day, we throw all that out the window and focus on productivity at its core. Getting more done in a spare bedroom, a table at Starbucks…and yes, even a cubicle…than most traditional employees could dream about.

We think we’re making progress. And then there’s Thriving Office (via TechCrunch):

Small businesses know they must seem successful to become successful. So they play Thriving Office while they’re on the phone. This valuable CD is filled with the sounds people expect to hear from an established company, providing instant credibility.

Thriving Office contains two 39-minute tracks: “Busy” and “Very Busy”. Both are filled with the sounds of voices, phones, computers, drawers and more.

Instant credibility?!?

Credibility isn’t “instant.” It’s earned. You build a strong history of doing outstanding work, completing projects on time and on budget, and handling yourself professionally on and off-line. That does mean that the television isn’t on in the background and your conversation isn’t competing with kitchen noises (and definitely not with bathroom noises, please!) while you’re on the phone. A good noise-canceling microphone doesn’t hurt.

Callers simply need to believe that you take your business seriously. They don’t have to hear squeaky desk chairs and slamming file cabinet drawers for that.

What does a “Thriving Office” mean to you? If you were to make a CD of background noise to show callers the reality of how you mean business, what would it sound like?


Catherine Carey


My thriving office sounds like you go to voicemail and I call you back by the end of the day / first thing tomorrow. Why? because I’m out at someone’s office.

Or you email and I email back saying Yes! or Done Tuesday. or Let me look into that – is it a rush? If not, is Friday OK.

My clients and collaborators know I work at home. They ask why doesn’t your dog ever bark?

Maybe I’m just as crazy as the CD. Except with clothing. I’m a business woman and I like to present and executive appearance.


Serge Lescouarnec

Add this to the more, faster file.
A lot of work is more like a sider building its web, one thread at a time.

Slightly off topic, I ask on ‘Serge the Concierge’ today what people think are ‘The 4 cardinal sins of restaurants’.
Feel free to chime in.



My office sounds consist of a lot of belching, farting, swearing and general goofing around. Maybe we should make our own CD.

Stephen Collins

Haven’t these guys read that it’s okay (even cool) to be a solo freelancer these days? Granted, my site has the odd royal “we” that I need to fix, but faking it with a CD of office noise? NOT cool.


Haha… the “Thriving Office” CDs is going to be the next best selling item on eBay! :P

Now we dun need to spend hours and hours working on our client’s requirements and make sure we over deliver for them. We just need a CD to do that.

We dun need to network anymore, finally we can be soble n not visit rehab again.

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