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Really? ThinkSecret writing for PC Mag?

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As if the PC magazine world wasn’t bad enough with PC World’s 10 Reasons We Hate Apple, now PC Magazine is running reports on Apple by “ Staff.” Gee, no thanks, guys.

Today’s report is about the “iPhone Launch Crisis,” and ThinkSecret’s sources “report Apple will announce an official ship date for the iPhone at WWDC—some time in the second half of June—and the company is expected to start accepting pre-orders for the hotly anticipated item following the keynote on June 11.”

Wow, Apple originally said the iPhone would be available in June and now ThinkSecret has brought us the scoop of the year by noting it will ship in the second half of June! (which contradicts ThinkSecret’s note in January that the iPhone might launch sooner than June)

But what about that launch crisis? See, my Tiger-supplied Oxford English dictionary defines crisis as “a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.” But ThinkSecret’s report says Cingular expects the iPhone to create “the biggest selling period seen in a few years.”

It was only Monday that ThinkSecret hinted at “an iPod update as early as tomorrow, with a touch-screen iPod taking center stage.” Guess what? It didn’t happen Tuesday (nor as of this writing). And what about ThinkSecret’s January report that iWork ’07 (with new spreadsheet app) was near release or that there was a 95 percent chance Leopard would be previewed at the Macworld Expo keynote?

So PC Magazine editors, if you’re going to hire someone to write about Apple, maybe get someone less laughable. (My prices are reasonable)

8 Responses to “Really? ThinkSecret writing for PC Mag?”

  1. Not that I have any love for PC Mag or ThinkSecret, but here’s the thing…


    That’s what they wanted from you. And you will continue to read the articles, if for no other reason than to see how stupid it is.

  2. Well said. These rabit out of the hat ‘rumours’ just set people up for disappointment and must really get on Apple’s nerves. I’m not ass-kissing but I much prefer the open speculation on the Apple Blog which freely discusses posibilities of what we could see rather than picking a date, saying it’s coming and then taking all the credit when 1 out of 10 ‘rumours’ turn out to be right (typically a rumour along the lines of “faster processors coming soon” – duh?!?!).

  3. Probably gonna remove ThinkSecret from my RSS feeds. The Apple Blog is getting better and better. I remember a time when it was something around 1 post per day or so, but now it’s better.

    ThinkSecret should come up with some rumors that are more plausible and actually happen at the date specified.

  4. Not me

    Lame, you failed to mention the times “they” had it right. Convenient I guess. I fail to see what appeal this has for your readers. For me, a rant about a RUMOR site is a waste of space and time. Then again Im writing this and wasting even more of it by letting you know. Well, time to waste it somewhere else…