Weekend Reader

Blogs for small businesses — The Wall Street Journal’s Startup Journal samples blogs of interest to entrepreneurs. Also from the Startup Journal: is your business a real business or just a hobby? You can only deduct expenses for a business, not a hobby. [Startup Journal]

a.placebetween.usFind a place to meet — Google Maps mashup a.placebetween.us lets you plug in locations for where you are and where someone else is and suggests places to meet in between. [a.placebetween.us]

Are you a productivity junkie? — 28 signs you might be. [lifehack.org]

Twitter tools we adore — From Twitterment to Where.com’s GPS Twitter, five of the most lovable Twitter tools. [GigaOM]

Facebook not just for the young — Middle-aged Emily Yoffe tests out Facebook and discovers the stages of acceptance to new technology: “derision, then resistance, reluctant adoption, and finally an inability to function without it.” [Slate]

PhixrEasy online photo fixing — Phixr lets you resize, crop, brighten, and sharpen photos and includes more advanced features too. It will load from and save photos to your Flickr and other online photo accounts. [Phixr via Lifehacker]

Convincing the boss you should telecommute — The Onion features Red Sox left-fielder Manny Ramirez’ claim that “a relaxed atmosphere and chance to create his own schedule would greatly benefit his productivity.” Manny “seeks a work space where he doesn’t have to constantly travel, can wear whatever he wants, and can work at his own pace.” Don’t we all. [The Onion]


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