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Five Twitter Tools We Love

So, yeah, I’m getting sick of Twitter. Maybe these five add-ons will help convince my Internet-ruined ADD attention span to stick to the service for a bit longer. A lot of people are trying to think up the next Twitter trick — here’s some that are already out there:

  1. Twitterment: Search Twitter using keywords, and compare the buzz between different words. Check boring vs fun — guess Twitterers are the glass half full types. Epicenter calls it a marketing executive’s dream, created by eBiquity Research Group.
  2. Twittervision: Public Twitter feeds overlayed realtime on Google Maps – gives you that it’s a smallworld feeling.
  3. Alex King’s Twitter Tool: Give your WordPress blog the Twitter treatment.
  4. Twitterrific: The Iconfactory’s desktop application lets you post and read twitter feeds. Simple but nice for those design-needy Mac fans.
  5.’s GPS Twitter: Adds your current GPS-based location to your Twitter feeds from your mobile phone.

And I’ll throw the boss a bone and include his Twitter try as a runner up:

Om’s Flurry Twitter Hack: Download the mobile mail Flurry application, and add RSS feeds from your Twitter friends. Save money. Sweet.

26 Responses to “Five Twitter Tools We Love”

  1. If you dont want to hand over your twitter usernames and passwords to a third party website but want to implement a “keyword” autofollow
    if you are running multiple accounts and need more than 100 api hits an hour (if you get your ip address whitelisted you can get 20,000 api calls an hour).

    Then check out for $10 it’s a windows .net application that run directly on your pc instead of in the cloud.

    It does two things;

    1/ Auto Follows Users with up to 4 search terms per twitter account (allows multiple accoutns – I run mine with 11 accounts simultaneously but it slows it down).

    2/ Direct Message Broadcast – you can send a direct message to all you users with just one click.


  2. Ta-da! *announcing the latest Twitter trick* just launched, a free tool that lets you ask your followers a question and archive the answers on a Squidoo lens. Great way to pick your followers’ minds and keep track of their knowledge.

    Community & Charity Organizer on Squidoo

  3. If you use both Twitter and FriendFeed, you might like

    Simultaneously manage both Twitter and FriendFeed from the same browser window. Frames are adjustable and both sites refresh every 60 seconds.

  4. Mousefinger

    Argh…so tired of Twitter news…navel gazing technology for human debris. I’ve used it, and I just don’t see what the HUGE deal is. Maybe I’m too young.

    stabs Twitter