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YouTube’s New Inline Ads: Screenshots

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YouTube is experimenting with inline ads, showing a text ad at the bottom of its player as a video is playing. If a user clicks on the text, a video ad expands and appears layered on top of the player. The ads are also clickable from a static post-roll. Examples are shown below in screenshots from a My Chemical Romance music video.

Update: Embedding the video here to see if the ads come through when the video is on other sites. Update again: It appears they don’t (though let us know if you see them). Looks like the little yellow (rather than red) time bar indicates an ad.

101 Responses to “YouTube’s New Inline Ads: Screenshots”

  1. They should all burn!!!!! seriously fire all these super
    dumb assess. SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS. Oh but their is a little yellow tab showing when the ad will pop up so i should be sprized, thanks diiiickheeads

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  3. What Youtube are now experimenting with was inevitible. At what expense could it have kept running without any monetization model anyway? The users of Youtube will eventually realize this and have to accept the fact that the ads are there in their best interests which that is to keep receiving video content for free. It takes an immense amount of money to keep an engine such as Youtube running. Google itself was a classic exampe of this when it first came to market. The greatest product ever to land on the Internet which eventually needed some sort of advertising model to stay alive: Google Adwords and Adsense.

    It is also interesting to note that there is another Internet company offering a similar solution, but more. Hyper MP Group have been working on a complete video presentation and advertising system that uses overlay ads from all exisiting advertising servers on the Internet. I think this is a better solution since it treats all videos and all advertising as the same. More impressive than other solutions out there. See for yourself.

  4. My Chemical Romance is over commercialized fag music anyway. When you realize you can sell this whiny crap to people and they come back for more, who wouldn’t make a little money off the idiots.

  5. Jorge

    There was a story that was run here about Google sending its top Product guy Shashi Seth to head Monetization efforts at YouTube. Looks like with the announcement of the revenue sharing program with users and these video ads experiment he has already started. I am impressed with what I have seen of both these things so far and am quite positive that YouTube will get it right. Way to go YouTube!

  6. I’m told that there’s always been two different players used by YouTube, one for onsite and one for embedding – so it makes sense that they’d start with the first before moving to the second, presuming they ever do. MySpace TOS and all, you know.