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Heroes to Battle Evil Online this Summer

On May 21, the day the finale for Heroes will air, NBC will be releasing a “making of Heroes” series of online videos, as well as a series of character profiles and new installments in the web comic. Networks have been using the web to bridge the gap between seasons for a few years now, and have tried everything from minisodes (The Office, Battlestar Galactica) to alternate reality games (Lost).

NBC Heroes

NBC is the leader online amongst the big broadcast networks, and Heroes has one of the top ten websites among popular television show sites. What to expect from the behind-the-scenes footage which will run straight through to the season two premiere, and boasts de rigeur “unprecedented access?”

The series will take fans through visual effects, music, wardrobe, stunts, make-up effects, artwork and even the catering and create the feeling of being there with the people who make it all happen each week.

Besides the promotional juice, this leverages the show’s brand to sell online advertising, generating revenue in addition to commercials during summer reruns — just in case you haven’t purchased your very own Nissan Versa yet.

4 Responses to “Heroes to Battle Evil Online this Summer”

  1. scooby

    wonder if people outside the US will be able to access this stuff. that’s the problem with these brand sites, everyone else has to get the latest via torrents or youtube clones.