One to One Tutoring at Apple Stores


one to one
Apple has a new program available through their brick & mortar stores, called ‘one to one‘. For $99 a year, you can schedule sessions with an Apple Store employee – my guess is it’ll be a Creative, who teaches the general store classes – to assist you with everything from using iPhoto and making a book, to movie making, podcasting, and so on. The service is tailored toward all levels of user, from the new Switcher to the grizzled veteran who’s looking for something new to put into their latest project.

Members of the one to one program can schedule sessions up to 14 days out. For only $99 a year, I’d say getting a personalized instructor for all your software and media-based questions is a smokin deal.



I have readout your article which is very helpful for educators .I have started SEO for tutor site since one month .My client have started one to one tutoring classes.


Kendall Tawes

I have seen the new Apple advertisement about the Genius Bar but I think they need to speak out more about this service too. One thing I often see from people that are adamantly against Apple and Macs currently is their ignorance of such great services that goes great with the great software Macs use. I know if I never met some Mac users I might never have learned how good OS X was and make the big switch.


do you get t pick the “genius”… could be a nice cheap date ;-)


Seriously, that is a really good idea. I know several PC users who would use this if they decide to make the switch.


I love the genius bar in general. No other computer company has support anywhere near as good as Apple’s.

Nick Santilli

so maybe not so new then? today was the first I’d heard of it, but I suppose that means nothing, eh?

Thanks for the comments – of course I’d expect nothing less from Apple. They’re pretty incredible about taking care of their customers.


A friend of mine in Toronto has been going to these sessions roughly once a week for several months. She’s had limited computer experience in the past, and almost no Mac exposure prior to purchasing her MacBook Pro. She is very satisfied with the program and it’s definitely helped make her an Apple fan.

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