Microsoft Zune getting wireless download feature?


Zune_trioBack in April, I wrote up three features that I think would make the Zune a more compelling product. If you believe in rumors, some with blurry pics, at least one of the three items might be around the corner.  Engadget has two photos showing a beta firmware build for the Zune that provides the ability to download music from open WiFi hotspots. Don’t know if it’s true, of course but I still believe the Zune team was forward-thinking by including wireless capability in the Zune. I personally have never turned on my Zune’s wireless radio because it doesn’t provide a feature I want. Now, if I could just get that XBox 360 video content on my Zune, I’d really be a happy camper. ;)

While we’re on the subject of Zune: what features would you want in ‘the perfect handheld audio/video device’?


Dave Zatz

Too many devices! Build these features/interface into Windows Mobile and let’s call it a day.


What I’d love to see is an ebook reader for the Zune. I know it’s not very popular with many people, but I’ve used MSReader for quite a few years. One of the reasons I’ve liked it is it came with my first PDA, an iPAQ 3600, and was available for my PC as well. So I’ve stuck with it over the years and now use it regularly on my Tablet with Vista, and my desktop with XP. While I knew that the Zune was focused on the Audio/Video segment when I bought it, I had hoped I’d find that MS might have breathed some new life into MSReader by porting it to the device. I thought it would be great to have that nice screen to read a book on while listening to my music.

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