Black20 Takes Funding from Jeff Jarvis


Jeff Jarvis announced today he has invested in Brooklyn-based web video production shop Black20, which we profiled in February. These are the creators of the viral hit “The Easter Bunny Hates You” along with many other genuinely good clips.

“These guys are talented, funny, ambitious, smart, and tireless. I’ve just invested in the studio of the future,” enthuses Jarvis, warning us other investors and amounts are not being disclosed.

Black20 churns out video like nobody’s business. Check out this recent bit: “Spiderman 3 went way over budget, and to finish the film, producers had to use product placement to generate more money.”



hey, if he can sway other people to put their money in the projects he’s investing in, it makes him better off, doesnt it? Don Imus (before he was apparently a racist) did it when he said how he puchased the Sirius shares. The value went up 30% in one day.

But Jarvis is a funny looking dude, so maybe it’s more justified for him.


Nothing against Black20, but how do you sustain an audience that you can sell to advertisers though? It’s tough to build a business on a couple of titles that go viral each month… Their traffic levels are so small, they don’t even show up in ComScore.

Also, maybe I’m off-base here, but I’m really getting tired of seeing Jarvis plug his own projects and investments.


If these guys are making money, which assumedly they are if investors are putting IN money, what’s the deal with all the copywritten material on their website? It’s one thing using that material for just kicks, but it’s another if there are advertisers funding them to do it…. and to maybe give them a profit.

by the way, anyone else find it really, really weird that we say “copyright”, but as an adjective form, we say “copywritten”

Right and Write are two very very different words… It’s the requisite rule in between “i before e except after c” and the do re mi song in “the sound of music”

oh english language, you are just sooooooooo capricious.

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