Fox To Offer MySpace Extra Promo For SuperBowl Advertisers

An obvious thing to do: Fox, which is gearing up for TV upfronts, is luring SuperBowl advertisers in with a promise to give them a larger Web (read MySpace) presence as well during the game. The idea is to provide some extra bait for advertisers, who face an initial asking price of $2.7 million for a 30-second spot for next year’s Super Bowl, according to this WSJ story. That’s up roughly $100,000 from the peak rates from last year.

There wil be extra on-air promos for the sites and special section on MySpace; also advertisers will be able to offer customers “calls to action” after their spots run online, with coupons or links to their own sites, for instance, the story says. For example, a studio advertising a movie would be able to show an extended trailer, or fans would also be able to place ads they like on their personal MySpace pages.

Meanwhile, some advertisers express concern about Fox’s desire that all ads be delivered two weeks before the game so it can coordinate the various Web tie-ins.


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