Will you do 3 things for me?

Last evening, after a mind-numbing day of work, I dragged my feet towards my apartment. Shoulders slumping, the shirt having lost its crispness, eyes slightly blurred – I didn’t even notice when the clean blue California skies turned to an indescribable shade of indigo.

As I walked into my building, my doorman handed over a small package from Amazon.com. In the privacy of my apartment, I opened the package to find a little surprise: soundtrack of movie The Namesake, from someone I didn’t know, but he knew me.

“Om, I’ve always enjoyed your blog. Enjoy. Peace.” (Name withheld because I don’t have this person’s permission to reveal his name, but you know who you are and a big Texas-sized thanks!) This simple, yet gigantic act of generosity sent my spirits soaring, giving me a second wind (as furious pace of posting over last few hours might indicate).

That one line just brought back into focus what really is important – that is you, the reader. We can look at the stats all we want, and praying at the altar of page views, but in the end what really matters is – do we do the job right? Do we make you, the readers, happy?

And if we don’t, why don’t you help and shape the coverage of GigaOM – by answering these three questions:

* What is that one thing we do right?
* What is that one thing we shouldn’t even attempt?
* What is that one thing we should add to the mix, and start doing now?

Of course you can offer elaborate suggestions, but since we know you are busy, three answers will help us along just as well.

PS: Do you think focusing on personalities, and doing an early morning wrap of relevant readings from around the web is of help? As you might have noticed, we did take off  The Daily, but nevertheless wanted to ask you folks anyway.