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Kingston unveils tiny 9-in-1 USB card reader

Kingston_mobilelite_reader_050707The folks at Kingston have alerted me to the release of a very cool and tiny USB card reader.  The MobileLite reader is sold alone for just $8.99 or with either a 1 or 2 GB SD card bundle or a 1 GB MicroSD (prices below).  Take a look at the photo of the MobileLite and you’ll see why I can’t wait to get one of these in my hot little hands, it is about as small as can be and still read 9 different card formats.  Here’s the deets from Kingston, note the way it handles drive letters:

The new MobileLite USB Reader works with nine different memory card formats: microSD; miniSD; full-size Secure Digital; SDHC; MMCmicro; MMCmobile, RS-MMC; MMCplus and full-size MMC. When in use, MobileLite appears as three drive letters (for example G:, H: and I:) and data transfer is as simple as drag and drop.

MobileLite Card Reader with 1GB SD Card Bundle  p/n: FCR-ML+SD/1GB = $ 22.99 MSRP
MobileLite Card Reader plus 2GB SD Card Bundle  p/n: FCR-ML+SD/2GB = $ 34.99 MSRP
MobileLite Card Reader plus 1GB microSD Card Bundle  p/n: FCR-ML+SDC/1GB = $ 23.99 MSRP

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    Seriously though, I have been thinking about getting a 2 GB card to use as the main memory card in my digital camera and this combo would dwarf my current reader in my mobile gear (a Sandisk Memory card reader that requires a USB cable to be plugged in the back…).