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Introducing NewTeeVee Pier Screenings!

Online video is great, but it’s such a solitary experience. This summer we’re going to try a little experiment — getting us off our butts and around from behind our screens. Maybe even outdoors.

On a pier overlooking the San Francisco Bay on a summer night, we’re going to project some online video onto a big screen. We’ll provide popcorn, red vines, and beer.

The NewTeeVee community picks six videos to show, which the crowd and a panel of judges dissect. We also bring in an industry leader for quick chat, and allow plenty of time to hang out. We call it “Pier Screenings,” and the first one is May 24.

There are a few steps to get this off the ground. One, we need content — videos to vote on, with the winners to be shown at the gathering. Working with Ning, we’ve built a little site for you to upload and embed your shows and clips. Directions, with screenshots, are in the accompanying how-to post.

Next, we’ll need voters — please come and register on the site and subscribe to the feed, and rate new videos on a scale of one to five stars. Last, we’ll hope that attendees sign up to come to the actual event. We’ll post details on how to RSVP later this week.

So go check out Let us know what you think — we hope to host four of these events over the course of the summer, and will incorporate your feedback as we go.

PS: If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the event, please get in touch with Joanne Wan – joey at gigaom dot com. – Om

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