How to Submit Video to Pier Screenings


We want to make it as clear as possible how to submit your video as a candidate for showing at the NewTeeVee Pier Screenings, our new live online video event series. So at the risk of boring you, here’s a walk-through of the video submission process, with screenshots. Any questions, drop us a note through the site; we’ll be watching it closely.

The first event is May 24, and the theme is episodic content. That could be fiction, non-fiction, scripted, unscripted, what have you. We’re defining episodic, for the purpose of the contest, as a show for which you have already created at least five episodes. Please choose just one of these episodes to upload or embed on our site.

All we ask is that you actually own or have the rights to distribute whatever it is you submit. And please provide contact information (sorry, we have to ask twice on the signup) so we can email you if you win.

To submit a video, you’ll need to register with Ning. First, go to and click on “Join NewTeeVee Pier Screenings Now!”

Once you enter in your signup information, look down on the left side of the page for the link to add a video.

If you don’t want to upload your video to Ning (which will host up to 100 MB for you), and would rather keep it where you’re already hosting it, that’s OK, provided you support embedded content. Click on the “Add Video” link over on the lower right, and you can add embed code from (we hope) anywhere around the web (not just YouTube or Google, as the messaging suggests).

If you’re not interested in submitting videos, and simply want to vote, more power to you. Just go to our video page and sort through what’s been added most recently.

Reminder: The RSVP form for the May 24 event will be posted later this week.



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Hmmmm… My video still seems to be awaiting approval after 24 hours. Is this normal? I’d like to submit “Wolfie” A Love Story to the upcoming Pier Screenings. Help? Suggestions? Anyone???

Liz Gannes

Sorry about that Greg — the regular Blip embed code has JavaScript ads in it so it’ll get rejected most anywhere. Best to use the MySpace code, I’ve found.

Greg Rose

Never mind, I see the “embed” code on (the one to post to myspace)… It works great!

Greg Rose

Hey, I tried to past the embed code from and it does not seem to work. Any suggestions?

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