Google Goes Geo Blogging

Google’s got yet-another blog for us to drop in our RSS readers. But it’s not so snoresville, since it’s on a topic that is actually pretty interesting and has been making them some headlines recently: the “geoweb,” as John Hanke, Director, Google Earth & Maps, calls the industry focused on Internet mapping and location-based web services.

Google’s LatLongBlog is the company’s latest focus on its maps and earth products. Y’all probably remember the recent news of Google’s My Maps mashup, and Om’s take on how the service will kick some startup butt.

Hanke tries to be a little more embracing to the startup community in his inaugural post:

Google has made it possible for sites like Platial, SmugMug, and Propsmart to make their maps searchable through geo search as well. Our goal is to help foster the ecosystem of geo development across the web.