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Palm says summer for Vista desktop compatibility

Palm_logoLike a few of my device drivers, Palm’s Quick Install desktop application isn’t quite ready for Windows Vista just yet. The company is working on it with hopes of a summer release, says Product Manager David Sloan on the relatively new company blog. Brighthand’s Ed Hardy points out that you can currently synch PIM data but can’t move .PRC and .PDB files from Vista to Palm in the current state. Ed also mentions a workaround for Palm owners running Vista now: hit the Business Technology Solved website and look towards the bottom of the page for the PalmVista Simple Installer application, which was previously named TreoVista.

Any Palm owners running Vista have other workarounds for now?

2 Responses to “Palm says summer for Vista desktop compatibility”

  1. beerslayer

    Please be advised that the “PalmVista Simple Installer” mentioned here is NOT freeware, as is stated on some other sites. It requires the purchase of a $9.95 key before it will allow anything to be HotSynced. There is NO trial version and NO trial period. Without payment, it does nothing useful.

    While I have no problem with commercial software, I have a big problem with commercial software being advertised as “freeware”.

    I do not consider this commercial application to be a satisfactory replacement for the free QuickInstall update that Palm should be providing its users, especially those of us with older Palm PDAs that cannot use the 6.2 version of Palm Desktop.