Looking Back: Q1 2007 in Broadband


The first quarter of 2007 was one of some stunning achievements for broadband in the US. AT&T became the #1 broadband service provider, taking the top spot from Comcast, and at the same time pushing dial-up provider AOL into the third spot. Folks from the Leichtman Research Group sent us some stats that I would like to share with you.

  • 2.9 million new broadband connections were added in the quarter, bringing the total to 56.21 million.
  • Cable companies added 1.1 million digital telephone (VoIP) customers.
  • Cable companies added 1.49 million broadband connections, making it a record quarter for them, and bringing their total to over 30 million broadband connections and a 55% market share.
  • Phone companies have 25.4 million subscribers.


Jesse Kopelman

Chris, no it does not. The same goes for Verizon.


I am curious what AT&T considers a broadband subscriber. Does this include their “cellular” broadband subscriptions also?

Gerald Buckley

Mr. Malik – where would you turn if you needed to research # of mobile email users is U.S.? BTW, appreciate the #s above. Will be helpful in backing up some of the assumptions in the business plan I working up. Thanks!

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