Cisco’s Chambers is born again Web 2.0

Given that everyone has tried and define Web 2.0, why not Cisco Systems (CSCO) and company CEO John Chambers. This is how he described Web 2.0 in a press release accompanying the company’s fiscal third quarter 2007 earnings.

“While we are very pleased with our continued growth, our communications and collaboration technologies are enabling the second phase of the Internet, or Web 2.0, which is redefining how people, companies and countries collaborate in ways never before realized.”

Nice justification for the $3.2 billion purchase of WebEx. However, it was on the conference call, Chambers really chanted the Web 2.0 mantra. (Ten times no less!)

We have spent the last six years preparing for the next wave of collaboration, enable our Web 2.0. In our terms, Web 2.0 is simply the technologies that enable user collaboration. These technologies include web services, Unified Communications, TelePresence, blogs, Wiki’s, pier-to-pier networks, podcast, Myshelf, etcetera. [Chambers missed kitchen sink here.]

Not to be outdone, Chief Development Officer Charlie Giancarlo, who quipped, “Cisco is really a software company wrapped up in steel clothing.”

Just like it was an optical company! You know the spin cycle at its peak when a company that makes a living selling routers, wifi access points, and set-top boxes, starts using Web 2.0 and Software on its investor conference call. Maybe some day soon, Chambers & Co. will get a bit more specific about their Web 2.0 strategy beyond WebEx.