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Reliance Entertainment’s Social Networking Portal Big Adda Goes Live

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You’re reading it here first: Reliance Entertainment’s social networking portal “Big Adda” has gone live. The company ran a series of polls over the past few months, ever since we broke the story of it’s impending launch, asking users to select logos and templates. On the face of it, the site has addas (forums), photos, videos and blogs. Nothing spectacular so far. Looks like they didn’t go with my choice of logo. (Bah!)
Update: It’s a closed beta, by invitation only, I’m told. However, there is an overview available here. More importantly, do take a look at the terms and conditions, particularly the parts in bold, dealing with user generated content. An excerpt:

You are solely responsible for the content…that you post on or through the BigAdda Website, and any material or information that you transmit to other Members and for your interactions with other Users…BigAdda makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the Content or to the accuracy and reliability of the Content or any material or information that you transmit to other Members.

16 Responses to “Reliance Entertainment’s Social Networking Portal Big Adda Goes Live”

  1. shreedhar: wht do u expect new…do u want girlfriends falling from sky…wht more new do u social networking site…bigadda is an advanced of all the sitess. many like u feel it is copy cat…sad for u . and can u giv me name of one site tat gives u all the functionality tat bigadda gives..

  2. Rakesh

    avis, avis
    wtf is avis?
    no, seriously..who is avis?

    i am not sure if they have something in store to unravel later..but as it is, the site is frame by frame copy of other social networking sites.

    Its like copying someone elses PhD thesis…just changing the text font and line spacing and passing it as your own.

  3. Santosh Ghosh

    I know only Avis from Big Adda team. When a person like Avis works for a site like Big Adda then they must be doing some great stuff.

    Avis congratulations to you and to all at BigAdda


  4. Onemax: why would the SEO guys be feeling bad?

    Hey Pawan: you're right – BigAdda has its own team, including a division for marketing. As I'd said in my first post when we did the initial story – I think Reliance is creating a platform for consumption of content. They already have a mobile content delivery channel with RCom. Now they're trying to create one online. They'll probably use BigFM to get people on board…and that could snowball into some serious traction – not media reports.

    Rajiv: I've been candid as well; we're more about news that reviews, mind you. Interesting bit, that about the Orkut homepage. What's likely to be critical for a social network is the users, not so much the features. For some people, it might just be their own private hangout (has anyone done closed, private user groups? that's a big plus for yahoo groups), and having too many people on the site could be a deterrent. In case of others, the more the merrier… What's so special about Orkut, apart from the fact that they were there early? The users. How many people would know how to spell Orkut when they hear it for the first time?

    Prasath: yeah – social n/w for qualified leads…too soon for it.

  5. pawan sahay

    Cisco buying out social networking websites like, which got squashed by sites like Myspace, tells us how major companies are inclining themselves to understand this space, to see how media is being consumed and distributed.

    I would say Reliance has done a great job.Though bigadda will have its own people to run the site, what needs to be done is , it should project itself according to the business goals of Reliance and understand concisely what it wants from it.

    1)An internet user base
    2) How media is consumed and distributed.Re-align your goals accordingly if needed with the mainstream business.
    3)Increase brand affinity

  6. onemax

    i guess thats a major determinant.
    but its kind of disappointing to see such an out come after all the hype from reliance.The big adda SEO guys must be feeling bad too

  7. Yes, there's nothing special about BigAdda. One major determinant for selection is resources, which could mean either pre-established business relationships, funding, or the backing of a large parent company. In this case, BigAdda has the backing of Reliance, which has sufficient resources to sustain the business.

  8. onemax

    recently i read in one of your comments about a socialnetworking start up saying that it dosent meet your editorial come relaince bigadda meets your editorial we all see now there is nothing special about bigadd .