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Veodia – Live Streaming that ‘Just Works’

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Veodia‘s recently released streaming-video software is easy to use. Really easy. We’re talking plug-and-play easy. Plug your DV camera into your computer and put it in record mode. Log into and hit “new broadcast.” And you’re live. Instantly. And when you’re done, you hit stop and the video you’ve just streamed is available on demand through your favorite RSS feeder. Instantly. And it works.

Palo Alto-based Veodia offers streaming broadcasting and publishing software as a service. Looking to make the video web conference go anywhere and everywhere, founder and CEO Guillaume Cohen says that the key to his product is that it works — always. The interface is straightforward and uncluttered design (see screenshot) and you are given 3 gigs of free video storage to begin with (take THAT Gmail!).

Aimed at professional bloggers as well as business users, Veodia offers one-stop shopping when it comes to video streaming. Currently, beta accounts are free, but premium pay accounts with larger storage capacity are on the horizon.

When you hit “start broadcast” Veodia takes about 5 seconds while “detecting bandwidth.” The end product is a 320 x 240 live video feed streaming right out of your Firewire DV camera or webcam. This video is embeddable anywhere, meaning you can have this live feed be part of your blog and your viewers don’t need to be registered Veodia members. And each broadcast comes built in with a chatroom for your viewers to interact with you, the webstar, live.

You can schedule your broadcasts and embed the video prior to your streaming and the embed will show a countdown to your show’s broadcast. One of the most amazing features is archiving and searching once you’ve wrapped a show. With 3 gigs of storage, and more on the way, you can start your own live daily vlog and keep everything in a beautifully organized library. This searchable archive is something still being worked on by other live streamers, like UStream. The only thing Veodia doesn’t come with is one of those “LIVE” lights you see outside TV studios.

As the live web video market ignites, it’ll be interesting who positions themselves as the YouTube of live. UStream and are turning heads, while Mogulus and Operator11 are supposed to go public this week. I look forward to seeing someone take the quality and consistency Veodia offers and mix it with Ze Frankesque artistry to create something more than live for live’s sake.

I was able to see Veodia’s ability to perform under stress at the most recent SF New Tech Meetup, which was broadcast live courtesy of Veodia. They streamed the whole show (embed below) and immediately afterwards had the show replaying off of an Apple TV on a big screen as well as Cohen’s 3G phone.

Veodia is still in beta and its developers promise a huge number of improvements. A few of its current limitations are that you can only record via Internet Explorer. And while you can record with a USB webcam or a Firewire DV cam, you can’t yet record using USB from your DV cam. This variety of cameras is a great selling point, though. Anything from the free Logitech webcam that came with your Dell to the family Canon MiniDV to your film-major-friend’s Sony Hi-Def MiniDV will work, and Veodia will figure out all the settings for you.

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