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The “Get A Mac” ads you won’t find on your television

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There are some new “Get A Mac” ads, but they’re not on television. They’re not even on Apple’s “Get A Mac” site. So what am I talking about? Apple has several flash ads which feature the standard “Get A Mac” premise. Mac and PC introduce themselves and then they chit-chat a bit. These ads are easy to miss because they look the same as the ones that run on television. However, these are different.

PC Mag Raves There is one which is site-specific on Here’s a breakdown of the ad: There’s the standard “Hello, I’m a Mac and I’m a PC.” That is followed by PC being very proud, even blowing kisses as he is on his home turf. PC thinks Mac must feel out of place, however, Mac feels just at home since PCMag has given Macs great reviews in the past. It ends with a picture of the iMac with the text “Still the most advanced OS. See all the reasons you’ll love a Mac.” to the right. I found this one quite amusing as John Hodgeman (PC) is quite funny and Mac doesn’t actually sound as snarky as he does in other ads.

Skyscraper AdThere is another ad which I caught on while searching for CompactFlash cards. The ad takes advantage of its dimensions, a 160×600 pixel skyscraper ad. The Mac is featured in the center of the ad and when the PC introduces himself, he pops up from the left side of the ad. He is hiding because he is paranoid about viruses and spyware on the internet saying “this place is seedier than a truck stop bathroom.” The end of the ad features the standard picture of the iMac with “114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac. See all the reasons why you’ll love a Mac.” below the image. This appears to be a variation on an ad that already aired on television with PC in disguise. I did notice that Mac doesn’t say there are no viruses for the Mac. The copy even says “114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac.” Maybe Apple knows that one day, they might have a virus or two, but never as much as the oft-hacked Windows platform.

Pac Mac A third ad has the PC trying to break free of the ad in an effort to get new drivers for his devices since he has upgraded to Vista. He eventually breaks the left barrier only to find himself on the right of the Mac kind of like Pac-Man. The PC is bewildered by this development as you can see to the left.

This particular ad is one of the worst ads, since while Vista does have its share of problems, Windows has gotten quite good at plug and play. One of the devices PC tries to get drivers for is his scanner. Personally, I’ve had limited success with scanners and my Mac and nothing but a good deal of success with scanners without any drivers on my PCs.

The ad ends with the text “No upgrade nightmares.” I don’t know where to begin with that tag line. No upgrade nightmares? Isn’t Apple the company that draws lines in the sand and says, “We’re not going to support this stuff any more. You liked being able to run Classic on your OS X machine? Forget that. It’s Intel now. No official support for you guys.”

For you obsessive types, I’ve put together transcripts of the ads.


Mac: Hello, I’m a Mac
PC: and I’m a PC and welcome to my turf, Hello, Hello, (blows kisses). Nice to see you. (To Mac) You must feel a little out of place here, sorry.
No, actually. No they’ve said some really great things about Macs, like it’s intuitive, smooth, and doesn’t crash. So, i feel right home, this is great.
PC: Hey could one of you guys get this guy? I think he’s going to be a problem.

160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper Ad

Mac: Hello, I’m a Mac. PC? (PC pops out of left border of ad) PC?
PC: (Whispers) Hi.
Mac: Why are you hiding?
PC: (Whispering) Viruses and spyware. This place is seedier than a truckstop bathroom. You think you’re surfing the net, but it turns out viruses and spyware are sneaking on to your hard drive and following you home. In fact, I better go run a scan right now. I’ll see you later.
Mac: (Whispers) Yeah, okay.

At the end of ad a picture of the iMac with the following text below: “114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac. See all the reasons why you’ll love a Mac.”

Also on

Mac: Hello, I’m a Mac. (PC is slamming himself up against the left side of the ad).
PC: I’ve got to get out of here. I upgraded to Vista and now I need new drivers, my printer, my scanner, I’ve got to search for them.
Just calm down, we’ll figure something out you don’t need to keep doing that. it’s going to be okay.
(PC makes one huge effort, he jumps and breaks the left barrier, he is no longer in the shot, then lands to the right of the Mac)
Mac: Weird.

At the end of ad a picture of the iMac with the following text to the right: “No upgrade nightmares. See all the reasons you’ll love a Mac.”

17 Responses to “The “Get A Mac” ads you won’t find on your television”

  1. freshwatermermaid

    Looking for a copy of a banner + skyscraper that ran in Canada, one day only. Banner = people running into the Mac store to switch and PC + MAC watch together. PC can’t take anymore, runs up into banner to stop people at the door one by one.

    Can’t find it anywhere and it was by far my favourite.


  2. Kendall Tawes

    I think this is a great idea. Seeing an advertisement specifically designed for the website it’s on is a brilliant idea. Even if you think the ads are pretentious or “high and mighty” you should at least admire the concept.

  3. Løz

    Um, classic is… let me think… 8 years old! they don’t support windows 98 anymore either, and that’s around the same age as the last update to os 9. I’m sorry but I just don’t think people should compain if they don’t get support for a completely superceded system (there’s been 5 updates to the os since then, and there’s about to be a 6th)
    *steps down off soapbox*

    very cool article, though, I had no idea that these ads were around.

  4. Hello. I tracked them down and downloaded them. These are .swf files. I tried running them in Firefox and sometimes they loop. You may just want to download them yourself.

    The 1st one — entitled


    Here is the 2nd one — entitled “Hiding”

    I haven’t found the third one yet, but when I do, I’ll post that as well.

  5. YodaMac

    Appreciate the link iwit, I’m not having any luck seeing any of the other ones mentioned by the author of this article. Hopefully someone helpful could supply the links.

  6. I’ve found another one. PC’s upgraded to vista and now his software doesn’t work anymore and a lot of his files have been renamed or moved.

    Mac: Hello, I’m a mac
    PC: Why, why, why?!
    Mac: PC, why what?
    PC: I upgraded to Vista, Mac, and now I can’t use my favorite software and a lot of my stuff has been moved or renamed. Ugh, it’s terrible!
    Mac: Come on buddy, you’ll be… fine
    (PC bangs head against the side of the banner)
    Mac: PC.. ?
    PC: Ahw.. These banners are hard

    *direct link to the swf file