Restart Will Be Required

software_updateIn the famous “Get A Mac” series of commercials, the PC is mocked for locking up and needing the occasional reboot to get back on its feet. The Mac, in contrast, doesn’t crash, and doesn’t need a reboot.

While this is on the large part true, that I go several months between lockups, and have at times sported an uptime measuring in the hundreds of days, I find myself undercut by Apple’s own software updates, which more often than not, require a reboot.

Whether it’s point releases, from Mac OS X 10.4.7 to 10.4.8 and 10.4.9, or Security Updates or QuickTime upgrades, there is a common message from my Software Update alerts: “Restart will be required”.


With Apple trying to stay the line against high profile attempts to thwart Mac OS X’s leading security, it seems that updates requiring a restart are coming at an increasing pace. And while I understand that Apple updates are more for the core of the system than say, Microsoft Office applications, or the Firefox Web browser, I wouldn’t tolerate those companies demanding I restart my computer each time I make a point upgrade. But for Apple, we put up with it, quite unwillingly.

So, when I do trust that Apple’s latest security updates or point releases are in my best interest, and I finally stop ignoring my daily Software Update reminders, I am resigned to hitting the restart button and starting over with 0 days uptime – no better than than the PC.

I love the stability of my Mac. I appreciate Apple staying on the forefront of security, and proactively pushing upgrades my way. But I don’t want to restart any more.