Get your Joost Invites Now… Almost Unlimited

Many of our readers have been asking us for Joost invites. While most of you are leaving your email addresses, it was difficult for us to invite each one of you individually.

In an effort to streamline the process, we worked with folks from Joost, and have developed a special landing page for GigaOM and NewTeeVee readers. All you have to do is click here, and fill out your information, and get your Joost Juice.

From Liz: Other Joost news tidbits:

  • Joost signs Warner Bros. Exclusive deals for SCI-FI FIX and Before They Were Mega Stars. [release]
  • Joost signs Heavy Animation, Heavy Comedy and Heavy Gurls to be available. [release sent via email]
  • Also, the company says its server situation has improved since last week. It’s still a bit buggy on our end, but better. [blog post]