How do I go from a 1-man to a 3-man Operation?

Hopefully somebody will have experience in this sort of thing and be able to offer some guidance.

I’ve been running small websites for years now. I make a living doing it. The problem is the growth of these websites is severely limited by my man-hours. The end-result is I end up doing an average job on everyone of them, and I don’t get to develop the new ideas I have.

So, I want to rent a small office and put a programmer and a designer to work full-time. The labour here in Brazil is very cheap so it’s totally cost effective.

My issue is with management. What happens if I’m unable to make it to the office one day? Since I have no associate, if I’m not there, the employees aren’t working as they have no way to enter the office. I think that productivity would be much greater working in an office, but as a single founder overseeing two or more employees, should I opt for remote project management?

Help is appreciated!


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