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Disco gets boxed in $40 ‘Deluxe Edition’

Disco retail boxDisco, the $30 CD burning application that garnered attention for its unique user interface (oooh, interactive smoke effects!) is moving from the download-only world to the retail world with the upcoming $40 Disco Deluxe Edition.

The product will be released to retailers nationwide by Nova Development, a company specializing in personal and small business productivity software.

“Bringing Disco to retail allows us to reach people that online-only distribution cannot.” said Disco developer Austin Sarner.

In the Deluxe Edition, retail customers will get CD and DVD Disc Labeling Software with dozens of professionally designed labels and templates. It also offers users the opportunity to design their own disc labels, plus covers for CD and DVD cases.

Although Mac OS X has had built-in CD and DVD burning capabilities since version 10.1, there are a considerable number of special burning features it doesn’t support, including multiple sessions, spanning, automatic indexing of burned media, one-to-one copies, creating discs from VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders and more.

Roxio has brought those additional features to Mac users for years with Toast— the premier third-party CD/DVD burning application. But that product’s list price is $100 ($80 using rebate). Disco offers a half-priced alternative for those who don’t need all of Toast’s capabilities (TiVoToGo, Blu-ray support, etc.)

Disco Deluxe Edition can be used with any Macintosh running OS X 10.4.3 or later with a PowerPC or Intel processor, 512MB of RAM and a recordable or Rewritable CD or DVD Drive.

DISCOâ„¢ Deluxe Edition (Mac)

8 Responses to “Disco gets boxed in $40 ‘Deluxe Edition’”

  1. This app is average for a $5 app. To expect $40 for a program that destroys half of your cds is simply ludicrous. Stick with the alternatives, Disco is dead.

  2. Reply to #2, Ron:
    The application in the box is the same as the one you presumably already purchased. The difference is that it comes in a box with disc labeling software and label templates.

  3. I’ve gotta agree with the above comments. Disco just plain didn’t work for me. It looks super slick, but the performance isn’t up to par. Needless to say, I will not be investing in the deluxe edition.

  4. Disco doesnt work. I tried it again the other day, burning a DVD of my reel from a VIDEO_TS folder. The resulting disc was missing the ‘play’ button on the menu. It simply wasn’t there. The same VIDEO_TS folder burned from Toast worked perfectly, and the button worked fine.