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NWS-DJ: Sorkin Says Say Yes; Carr Says Don’t-Be-Fooled; Friedman Says Sucks

An interesting two days of NYT business columns:
— one on Sunday by the deals reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin, who writes a rather extraordinary column asking Dow Jones to accept the News Corp bid. “As they confront their continuing financial challenges, the Bancrofts can sit around and pray that a deep-pocketed white knight emerges — Warren E. Buffett, Bill Gates or The Washington Post are said by insiders to be favored choices — but it’s hard to think that even if such potential suitors did buy it they would seriously invest in the business the way Mr. Murdoch claims he would. It could result in just another holding pattern.” He also says that DJ CEO Rich Zannino appears to be a clear advocate of a sale to News Corp, describing the benefits of a deal to the board this week, he writes citing sources. “If the family cares about preserving the Dow Jones legacy and seeing the company continue to flourish, it