The Sunday Blog Talk


Nick Carr: “A select group”? “These talented people”? So much for the myth of the social collective.

Dave Winer: If you don’t want your customers to find out that you mistreat customers, then don’t mistreat customers. Don’t expect them to suffer sliently. That worked in the last century, it doesn’t work in this one.

Matt Mullenweg: (Technorati Authority) it’s an alias for number of unique blogs linking in the past 180 days

Howard Lindzon: Microsoft/Yahoo Merger Rumor – Someone Made a Fortune……there is more noise than ever in the markets and the stakes are high to win with so many hedge funds.

Hypebot: How to turn increased music discovery into increased music purchasing has just become every music marketer’s dilemma.

Joel Makower: For those of us who have been toiling in these fields for a long time, the greening of business is viewed as an “overnight success story” that was twenty years in the making.


Om Malik


good point. this is the first time i have done this so basically with time, i will fine tune it. i think it is not that i don’t want other voices, and hopefully this coming week i will find some more interesting voices for you guys.

David Dalka

Your quotes are interesting as always, though seeing some fresh and different voices on these posts would be really cool. :)

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