Apple holding Open House to hire for iPhone team


iPhone Open House ad A half-page newspaper ad published Sunday announces that Apple is “hiring qualified people to join the iPhone team” in Elk Grove, Calif., at a May 16 Open House.

The black-and-white ad was published in The Record, based out of Stockton—about 36 miles south of Elk Grove. (It’s probably safe to assume it appeared in other papers near Elk Grove.)

The ad’s text reads as follows:

The revolution continues.

Computers. Music. Now the iPhone. Apple continues to change the face of personal technology and this is your chance to be part of the revolution.

We are hiring qualified people to join the iPhone team in Elk Grove. If you’re looking to inspire customers with technology that empowers their lives and get your foot in the door at Apple, this is one opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Join us for an Open House on May 16th on Apple’s campus in Elk Grove. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Apple and interview with hiring managers.

This event is invite only, so call 1.866.238.6785 to reserve your spot today.

We are committed to diversity. Apple is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Maybe those hired will relieve those engineers Apple borrowed from the Leopard development.

Now maybe someone can explain how an Open House is “invite only.”


Melissa Ruiz

I think that this is a good oppurtunity to make good money.

Kendall Tawes

I do hope this does lessen the strain on the software development front.

I want Leopard!!!

Eddie Hargreaves

I understand why Apple would want the event to be by invitation only, but then it’s not really an open house, is it? By that logic, the Macworld Expo keynote is an open house, just one that requires registration and approval.


Hi, the “invite only” allows Apple to do 2 things (both of which are important)

1) pre-screen prospective applicants over the phone for minimum qualifications and when they would be expected to be available for employment (possibly even salary range)

2) tell prospects that to attend they would be signing a binding NDA

these effectively make the open house more focused and on the point for serious recruitment – potentially some one on one connection for those that pre-screened highly – and stops it from becoming a mug meeting – plus makes it more difficult to be a source of info for a rumor blog

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