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T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 upgrade- minor issue

DashIf you listened to the latest MobileTechRoundup podcast (and why wouldn’t you?) you heard Matt, Kevin and me talking about the T-Mobile Dash upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 and how the upgrades went for all 3 of us along with the things we really like about the new OS.  I’ve been using the Dash with WM6 for a few days now and it is an awesome upgrade and great of HTC and T-Mobile for providing it totally free to consumers.  That said, there is one minor issue I’m having that is more an inconvenience than a problem and I want to mention it so those of you who haven’t upgraded will be aware of it.

First of all I should tell you how I handle the Dash at night as the problem stems from my particular usage.  Each night I turn off the Phone service through the Dash’s Comm Manager application before retiring for the night.  I don’t power off with the power button as that causes a soft reset, I just want the phone radio to turn off to save battery power.  I’ve always done this under WM5 and it causes an issue in WM6 that is consistent when I turn the phone radio back on each morning.  I am finding I cannot access my email servers (exchange and POP) once I’ve power cycled the phone radio using the Comm Manager until I soft reset the Dash.  Push email won’t work and it just sits there "Connecting" when I try to manually check for email until I Power cycle the Dash using the Power Button.  The first time it happened it scared me but once I realized I can reset the device and regain email capability it’s not so bad.   It’s a strange problem but consistent with the upgrade so I can live with it easily enough.  The upgrade is so much better and if you want details listen to the MoTR podcast and find out why.

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  1. darrell92483

    How to upgrade t-mobile dash using SDHC memory card. I finaly figured it out myself but im goin to share it with all you people. that wants it so BAAAAAAD. I made a simple video and posted on youtube. search for (t-mobile dash using 4gb) please do not lived BAD comments. i just want to help. Just ask me or msg me or email me at [email protected]

  2. I’ve had the dash since May 2006. I’ve used my yahoo messenger quite frequently, but after my upgrade to the 6 version, I keep getting a “unable to connect communication error check settings”, and it won’t connect to yahoo anymore. I’m absolutely CLUELESS as to what I am suppose to be looking for in the settings! Anyone…please clue me in! Thanks! Would also like to know about the GPRS? I don’t even know what that is or how I would use it. Guess I still have a lot to learn. Thanks again! Moe

  3. tmobileuser

    This is a very widespread problem…just look around at all the different blogs. I gave up on trying to get TMobile to resolve the issue (they keep denying there is a problem and tell me to buy a new battery), so I filed a complaint wtih the Better Business Bureau. TMobile offered me a comp at no additional cost and without the 2-yr contract extension. I recommend filing a complaint with the BBB. Good luck.

  4. My t-mobile dash powers off on its own. Often several time in a row shortly after powering back on. Had it replaced with new phone but it does the same. I’m thinking it happens during outlook / exchange syncronizations. The only things that were not replaced is the battery, SIM and memory card. Any ideas or know issues?

  5. Travis

    Has anyone experienced a loss of battery time after doing this upgrade? I just upgraded to WM6 and it seems like my battery life has been reduced significantly. Maybe it is just a coincidence, but doesn’t seem like it.

  6. MightyMike

    Whew, finally, got it to work right (I hope) downloaded large program “zumobi” ran it a couple of times then removed it, somehow it opened up the memory I didn’t have before. Now my phone seems to be working fine. For now.

  7. MightyMike

    WM6 Oh,-My-Cod! I cant beleive the problems I’m having with my t-mobile dash. Any page with pictures takes forever to never to load. Reset helps for one page only (yes I emptied memory) antenna has 3 to 4 bars. I even tried re-downloading WM6 lost all my programs and still had a messed-up-phone. I want my WM5 back.

  8. Terry York

    I have the email and text header problem also. I think it cured itself when I changed the download limit.
    The worst is my faves ringtones don’t seem adjustable….!?!?

  9. Prashant

    I have been trying to upgrade my T-Mobile Dash to windows mobile 6.0, but unable to do so. I downloaded the upgrade from T-Mobile’s website. Whenever I try do upgrade My ActiveSync keeps getting disconnected in the last step. I have also disabled Windows Firewall. I am running ActiveSync4.5 and the PC has WindowsXP Professional SP2. Pleas advise how can I get around this probelm.

  10. Posted by: ry | June 04, 2007 at 10:54 PM

    Anyone run into this issue? Following the WM6 upgrade to my T-Mobile DASH, I notice that anytime my device goes through a SOFT RESET that the HOME SCREEN resets to the T-MOBILE DEFAULT setting. I have come to like (and prefer) the Windows Default screen because of the sizing of icons and the clock display, so it is quite annoying for the DASH or WM6 to force a reset to the T-Mobile Default home screen at every soft reset. Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone know how to change this setting? Perhaps its in the registry somewhere? Thanks in advance, Robert.

    I am having the same issue. Did you ever find a fix?

  11. Gill: The E indicates whether you have the Edge signal (G indicates GPRS signal). If the E is appearing and disappearing, I would guess your Edge signal is unstable. Even without the Edge coverage you could still make phonecalls.

  12. my latest issue is that i will be using my phone as a laptop internet connection like right now and it will suddenly drop me and tells me remote party has ended this connection. I reboot my phone and it still will not connect me but i can make calls with the phone. At this point I am unable to use data. I also noticed while this is going on that the “E” next to the signal strength meter keeps disappearing and reappearing. This causes WM6 to display the round busy icon in the middle of the screen. When the E appears it goes away; when the E disappears it shows back up.

    Just the other day when this happened to me again i turned my phone off, took the battery out for about 20 minutes and re-seated my SIM card. Still the same problem after re-booting. Sometimes it will display SIM failure on bootup but yet i can recieve calls.

    The first time this happened about a month ago i wiped my phone and did a clean install of WM6 and still had the problem after that. So im wondering if it is something going on with TMO doing network updates, having problems or if it is my SIM card. All my contacts I now sync through outlook so the only thing saved to my SIM is a few text messages.

    Oh yeah, my orginal DASH I had to send back due to a manufactuer defect and they sent me a new one. Im sure this one they sent me is a refurbished unit! I would really hate to have to have them replace the phone again but I am beginning to think my SIM card is going bad.

    Any ideas anyone please let me know on here! Thanks!!


  13. Thank you for the information on landscape fix…but I have another Media Player question. Since installing WM6 on my Dash my media player “stutters” and audio and video no longer match. Anyone else have this problem and/or solution? Help!

  14. Clive, you are welcome. To be entirely honest I can’t remember how I got the file but I do have it. A quick google search finds a few links such as, if this fails I can send you my file, too.
    If your MDA Mail has been purchased from T-Mobile (like mine), chances are it will be locked to T-Mobile UK, meaning that a US upgrade won’t install complaining of a wrong Country ID. This can be resolved by unlocking your device – I have used If your device was bought directly from HTC then you may not need to do this.