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T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 upgrade- minor issue

DashIf you listened to the latest MobileTechRoundup podcast (and why wouldn’t you?) you heard Matt, Kevin and me talking about the T-Mobile Dash upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 and how the upgrades went for all 3 of us along with the things we really like about the new OS.  I’ve been using the Dash with WM6 for a few days now and it is an awesome upgrade and great of HTC and T-Mobile for providing it totally free to consumers.  That said, there is one minor issue I’m having that is more an inconvenience than a problem and I want to mention it so those of you who haven’t upgraded will be aware of it.

First of all I should tell you how I handle the Dash at night as the problem stems from my particular usage.  Each night I turn off the Phone service through the Dash’s Comm Manager application before retiring for the night.  I don’t power off with the power button as that causes a soft reset, I just want the phone radio to turn off to save battery power.  I’ve always done this under WM5 and it causes an issue in WM6 that is consistent when I turn the phone radio back on each morning.  I am finding I cannot access my email servers (exchange and POP) once I’ve power cycled the phone radio using the Comm Manager until I soft reset the Dash.  Push email won’t work and it just sits there "Connecting" when I try to manually check for email until I Power cycle the Dash using the Power Button.  The first time it happened it scared me but once I realized I can reset the device and regain email capability it’s not so bad.   It’s a strange problem but consistent with the upgrade so I can live with it easily enough.  The upgrade is so much better and if you want details listen to the MoTR podcast and find out why.

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  1. Bruno, thanks for the tip. I’ve just gone to the T-Mobile US site to download the software, and it requests a 10 digit T-Mobile phone number. How did you get around this? UK numbers don’t seem to work.

  2. No problem Clive! I was at first lukewarm about MDA Mail but have quickly grown to love it and depend on it. WM6 upgrade has made a lot of difference, too – but watch out, the WM6 upgrade I installed has been released in the US and there are slight differences in the keyboard layout (I think only 1 or 2 keys are switched and these are not very important anyways, but thought I would warn you just in case).

  3. I am having a problem maintaining a WI-Fi connection for more than 30 seconds without having to disconnect my wi-fi and reconnect it just to continue to the next page… I am using my home secured network. No problems with an other connection in the house, just the phone.

    Another thing is when trying to download pictures from the internet to use a background and the like I get the error “Error: Unable to save the file.”

    Anyone else have any suggestions?


  4. fazious

    I have a US dash, its running WM6 now but i have one problem, it doesn’t recognise my 4gb micro sdhc? whats up with that? other than that its problem free

  5. You might need to goto that email accounts settings on your Dash and chenge the settings for how it downloads messages.

    goto the list of email accounts on your dash and highlight the account that is giving you issues.

    click the menu button(right soft key) and select settings….

    keep clicking next until you get to where it says message format at top and check your settings. i have my aol account set to message download limit 5kb. Maybe yours is set to headers only. play with those settings and see if that helps…

    other than that i dont know what to tell ya….

    just thought i would suggest something to get you started…

  6. I am having an issue with My email and text messages. Every time I get a new email (IMAP), I alos get a text message from “701” containing the header info from the email. Help!?

  7. i just saved what few text messages i wanted to keep to my SIM card. my contacts are all in outlook 2007 so i just synch to get them back.

    TMO just replaced my handset which was defective. I just did a quick backup of a few folders and when i got the new handset i just copied those folders back to where they originally were and synced all my outlook data and exchange server stuff.

    NOW, the once issue im coming across is this, ever since getting the new handset, when i connect my phone to my laptop via USB cable to sync, i press connect on the internet sharing feature and it will not connect me. instead i get a new local area connection icon everytime and it never did this before. So i let my phone sync and when its finished i click the connect button and it does nothing…i hear the USB disconnect sound and then a moment later it reconnects and syncs again…so i literally have to unplug the USB cable and quickly press the connect button when i reconnect the USB cable again.

    I was thinking of just deleting the current settings and creating a new partnership and see what happens. I am using activesync 4.5

    my biggest issue though is that when i use Internet Explorer mobile for about 5 minutes or so, it automatically shuts down my yahoo messenger and i have to sign back in again. did not do this with WM5. so basically if i am chatting i cant use the internet because i will loose my chat….sux…

    but the phone is still great though. i am enjoying it still so far.

  8. hey i just upgraded my dash from windows mobile five to windows mobile 6. i wanted to keep my text messages so i save the file of messaging from the windows file explorer onto my memory card. after i upgraded i put the file back and i still can’t see my old text messages. is there a way to get my text messages back?

  9. Robert

    Anyone run into this issue? Following the WM6 upgrade to my T-Mobile DASH, I notice that anytime my device goes through a SOFT RESET that the HOME SCREEN resets to the T-MOBILE DEFAULT setting. I have come to like (and prefer) the Windows Default screen because of the sizing of icons and the clock display, so it is quite annoying for the DASH or WM6 to force a reset to the T-Mobile Default home screen at every soft reset. Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone know how to change this setting? Perhaps its in the registry somewhere? Thanks in advance, Robert.

  10. MEDIA PLAYER MOBILE 10 issue after upgrade:

    I am also having issues with the media player playing sideways when trying to play fullscreen. I heard the resolution is to use a registry editor to make changes to the registry settings. I can’t locate the page where I read that though. It has the actual code you need enter in the registry.

  11. the only problem i have had with WM6 is that when i view videos with media player in full screen mode, the video rotates 90 degrees and i have to hold my Dash sideways to view my videos. plus, the videos are not full view when i goto full screen mode. never had this problem with WM5. in WM5 when i went to full screen the video never rotated just went full screen..i wish there was a fix for this..its kinda annoying..

    other than that, i have not had any other problems. oh wait, the other problem i am having is that after about half a day of using my dash on the internet, it boots me off my yahoo and aol messenger. then everytime i close out internet explorer i have to restart yahoo and aol. and its an ongoing issue until i reboot the phone. not sure why it does that. then again when i was using yahoo and aol on WM5 the usage on both chat clients was slow. people would send me messages and 20 minutes later at times i would get all my messages…causes lots of confusion…

    so now i dont have the lag problem anymore but now that IE keeps shutting down my chat clients…anyone else having this issue?

  12. David R

    I have continued to work on the problem of having to soft reset every time I want to turn off the phone. I notice that IE also does not work before the reset. I then removed my Exchange server information which obviously deleted all email and contacts and calendar items. However, after that IE worked fine without the soft reset. Adding back Exchange caused the same problem. I even tried adding back exchange both through my desktop and then again over the air. Both cases, it did not work. This eliminates Vista as the source of the problem. TMobile does not have any record of the problem with anyone else.

    If any other users have a solution to this problem, I would love to hear about it.

    Thanks, David

  13. David

    I use the WEP 200 headset and works fine. Plus two other headsets no problem with connection. I’m not for sure what you mean when you say it doesn’t work?

    I also use the native Voice Command to voice dial and hear inconming phone calls. However, I needed to tweak the registry to be able to do this.

    Open your device-side registry editor and navigate to the following key:


  14. Steve

    My problem is that I cannot use my bluetooth headset (Samsung WEP 200) — my Dash recognizes and pairs with it, but doesn’t “work” with it.

    And there doesn’t appear to be a “hands-free” profile with WM6… this is an issue for me! I prefer not to die in a fiery crash (and yes, I know, I could just “not” use it when driving, but hey, I paid a few bucks for the darned thing, and would, surprisingly enough, like to use it!)


  15. David

    Kevin, I am shocked. I use my Dash in the exact same way as you. When I am in my office or when I retire for the evening, I shut off my phone but leave the unit powered on. When I go to turn the phone back on, I no longer get email until I power off and back on the device. I called Tmobile and they tell me this is not by design. However, I am not on the TMobile network but rather on the Rogers network in Canada. I get an error message saying that I “can’t connect to proxy server” until I reset the device. Interestingly, when I have this problem, I also can’t do a sync with my Vista computer using the cool new Windows Mobile Device Center.

    Did you ever get this resolved?

  16. Issue: Active Synch with Exchange Server

    I recently upgraded to WM6 on my T-Mobile Dash by using the ROM from the T-Mobile site. I like it overall and it actually resolved the issue I was facing with WM 5 which is the inability to install a Personal certificate which would allow me to have active synch ability. With WM6 both root and personal cert get installed properly and I can even use Outlook Web Access feature of MS Exchange server 2003, but I am unable to do an active synch from the Dash with the Exchange Server. This is a serious issue and hampers my business use which is the reason I bought the Dash.

    We have 5 other WM 5 devices which can access MS Excahnge through Active Synch. Level 3 support says its a WM (Microsoft) issue.
    I get 3 different support codes for this error. The very first one says that I am roaming, which is not the case and T-Mobile has confirmed. The other support code I get is 0x80072EE7 , server could not be reached.

    The support code

  17. Bruno

    Bad news for anyone with MDA Mail (UK equivalent of Dash) – the ROM update won’t install due to a “wrong model ID”. Let’s hope the UK T-Mobile releases the update themselves (though I would not hold my breath).

  18. Bruno

    James, thank you, I have assumed that much. Has anyone tried installing the upgrade on a UK (or at least any non-US) Dash (whatever it might be called)?

  19. Bruno

    Just wondering as I have not seen this info posted anywhere: is it possible to roll back to the original ROM?
    I am looking to try this out on my Dash (sold as MDA MAIL here in the UK) but may need to rollback in case the UK version for some reason does not like it.


  20. Kevin

    Well, looks like this will be a test for the new Windows Update feature in WM6, huh? Or is that not used to deliver updates without a full ROM upgrade?