T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 upgrade- minor issue

DashIf you listened to the latest MobileTechRoundup podcast (and why wouldn’t you?) you heard Matt, Kevin and me talking about the T-Mobile Dash upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 and how the upgrades went for all 3 of us along with the things we really like about the new OS.  I’ve been using the Dash with WM6 for a few days now and it is an awesome upgrade and great of HTC and T-Mobile for providing it totally free to consumers.  That said, there is one minor issue I’m having that is more an inconvenience than a problem and I want to mention it so those of you who haven’t upgraded will be aware of it.

First of all I should tell you how I handle the Dash at night as the problem stems from my particular usage.  Each night I turn off the Phone service through the Dash’s Comm Manager application before retiring for the night.  I don’t power off with the power button as that causes a soft reset, I just want the phone radio to turn off to save battery power.  I’ve always done this under WM5 and it causes an issue in WM6 that is consistent when I turn the phone radio back on each morning.  I am finding I cannot access my email servers (exchange and POP) once I’ve power cycled the phone radio using the Comm Manager until I soft reset the Dash.  Push email won’t work and it just sits there "Connecting" when I try to manually check for email until I Power cycle the Dash using the Power Button.  The first time it happened it scared me but once I realized I can reset the device and regain email capability it’s not so bad.   It’s a strange problem but consistent with the upgrade so I can live with it easily enough.  The upgrade is so much better and if you want details listen to the MoTR podcast and find out why.