Is Verizon blocking VoIP on FiOS?


Andy Abramson says Verizon is blocking VoIP on its FiOS fiber-to-the-home service. He apparently got a heads up from an AT&T user who said that his ActionTec router that “connects to the FIOS Coax won’t allow him to use AT&T’s CallVantage.” On the DSLReports forums, there have been some problems reported as well. We decided to check in with Verizon and ask them what’s the real story.

Their spokesperson emailed us back with this response: “There is no blocking of VOIP over FiOS. We have not been aware of any widespread problem like the one described. We want FiOS to work flawlessly for our customers, and this specific problem is being investigated. In all likelihood this is some specific equipment issue with the compatibility between routers involved here. “

It would have been great to know the router model number that is causing problems, because Actiontec is a Verizon-approved router vendor. If you are experiencing some problems, let us know. If not, then which service you are using and how is the performance so far?


Jay K

Apparently Mitel phones DO NOT WORK with FIOS and the Actiontec router. Looks like I may be dumping FIOS for Comcast. See transcript between me and Actiontec:


You wrote:
Hello, Verizon gave me one of your routers with my FIOS service. My
computers work but I can’t get my Mitel IP phone to work. The phone works
ok through SBC DSL and Comcast (using the routers they provide), but I
can’t get it to work through FIOS/Actiontec. Tech support for my IP phone
tells me there must be a port blocked, so I tried moving the phone to the
‘DMZ’ and it still doesn’t work. It starts to communicate with our PBX at
work (it can download its internal firmware), but it can’t establish any
call handshaking. Are there some bugs in your DMZ implementation? Does it
really allow packets between the phone and the internet without any
filtering? Does the router require a hard reboot to make DMZ take affect?
Will DMZ work with an IP address that was assigned dynamically? (The phone
displays the address it gets and it matches what I set up as the DMZ.)
I’ve called Verizon support and they said they don’t block any ports
(except incoming port 80, which the phone doesn’t use), so if there’s a
problem it must be with your box. They even logged into my computer
remotely and verified I had correctly configured the Mitel phone to be in
the DMZ. My router FW is Thanks, Jay

The reponse to this issue is below:

At this time the Mitel voip phones will not work with the actiontec router
due to the proprietary connectivity the mitel uses for communication.. This
will be addressed in the next firmware release from verizon. Please

continue to check with verizon regarding firmware upgrades.

Thank you,

Actiontec Electronics


My voip service works fine with Comcast cable and it worked with fios for 3-4 days but it doesn’t work with FiOS. I get dial tone but i can’t dial out. When someone calls, I can see the number in caller ID but when I pickup, there’s nothing. I tested calling in so on the other end, it is continuous ring. If someone gota solution please post here or send me an email at

Chuck Sherman

I have Verizon VoiceWing VoIP on FIOS with an Actiontec router for over a year now. I have had clicking on the phone since day one. I have two lines. One of the lines stopped receiving calls and reports an error when ever anyone calls it. I can call out on that line. Line 2 works fine so I logged on to my Verizon Personal Account Manager and forwarded all calls to line 1 to line 2. I called Verizon tech support but have not been able to get a response from them for 2 days. I have been on hold for close to one hour this time. When I try to login to my Verizon Personal Account Manager it keeps timing out before I can do anything.
Gateway Timeout
The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.
Reference #1.420f648.1187051125.eeebf71
I think I will try some other VoIP service.


I confess that I am technologically challenged. I live in the Philly suburbs and have Vonage as well as Fios. No problem with Vonage until Actiontec M1424WR rounter was installed. Now my Linksys RT31P2 (Vonage) router drops the phone line every 3-4 days. I reset the Linksys router each time, but it keeps happening. I do know how to access both routers. Can someone please give me (in non-technical talk) some clue as to what might be the problem and how I can correct it myself? I truly would appreciate it!


I have used Vonage over FiOS for a year with no problems. Someone stated that FiOS only leases IP addresses for two hours. My “external” IP address has not changed for a year. I manually set the “internal” IP address of my Vonage terminal, so that never changes, either. I am in SE Pennsylvania, in the Philly suburbs.


I had to switch right away. So I had no choice but to switch to Teleblen. The service works fine with Comcast cable but it doesn’t work with FiOS. I cleared all prev rules on the router. I even added the IP address of gizmo to DMZ zone but nothing. Then I tried creating a new rule so that all the ports for gizmo IP address are open. I get dial tone but i can’t dial out. When someone calls, I can see the number in caller ID but when I pickup, there’s nothing. I tested calling in so on the other end, it is continuous ring. If someone gota solution please post here or send me an email at “rx7240sx300zx at hotmail dot com”


I know of several FIOS offices and home using VoIP, nothing is beling blocked, but often FIOS uploads choke hard rendering the service uuusable for VoIP.
HOWEVER, what is very disturbing is I know of two verizon DSL installs where the SIP from and to tages have been stripped out. I tried a replacement router with no improvement. This I think is Verizon blocking….


I have had FIOS internet with Sunrocket for 18 months with no problem, On Monday I had FIOS TV installed with the Actiontec router, and now Voip does not work. At one point something crashed the actiontec router, so i reinstalled the old router DLink and everything is fine, except no VOD.
Thanks to everyone for the fix suggestions.


FIOS does not block vonage, but a defect in the service causes interruptions in calls. FIOS only grants an IP address through DHCP on a two-hour lease! Meaning that, every two hours, you lose connectivity for 15-30 seconds. (I’m using a Cisco router, not the Verizon one). Guess what happens to VoIP calls when that happens? I’m switching to a service that leases me an IP address for at least a day, like Verizon’s DSL used to do.


When I looked at the firewall setting of my verizon fios router, I happened to see that under “advanced filtering” there is a new rule that drops all UDP packets with port 5060 and 5061. The rule is marked as “Sunroket voip phone service”. I remember I never created this rule. I realized that verizon upgraded the firmware automatically recently. This rule was added by verizon in this upgrade. If you have verizon fios service, you’d better check it out. This rule blocks your voip traffic and may be the reason of your service trouble. I should say that I don’t have any problem using my sunrocket’s service with this rule being active. But I removed it anyway. You can make your own judgement why verizon did this.

rodney martin

yea! i have allways had problems first they gave me a di604 d-link router. and when i got packet 8 voip, if the computer was on i would allways get a buisy signal. so i changed the ip address of my voip router by one decimal and it fixed it. but now verizon gave me a new actiontec router and my phone dosen’t work again. does anybody have any suggestions? because i cant get my voip routers ip without a phone connection. help


I had Sunrocket on Comcast and switched to Verizon FIOS about a month ago. There is a very easy fix. The Actiontec router Verizon installed did not have the latest firmware. Simply download the latest firmware (easy to do) then get into the Protocols section, click on your provider, in my case Sunrocket, get out of settings, restart the Actiontec by unplugging and replugging in the power and it should work fine. My service has been outstanding.

Stephen M (Ethesis)

It is a known issue with one router and one gizmo used by Sunrocket. I’m encountering it, but it isn’t an intentional problem, as it doesn’t mess any other combinations up.


I’ve had FIOS here in Northern Virginia for a little over a year and we’ve had no issues using Vonage with it. My parents also have FIOS and Vonage, going on 2+ years now…


vonage is working just fine here in boston over fios…this sounds like rumor monger crap…

Stephen Antonucci

I have used Vonage, Skype and GizmoProject with FiOS for two years. I have also tried BroadVoice without any issues. I have a D-Link Router as this was the router Verizon was using two years ago. If Verizon blocked VoIP I would DROP THEM!


No problems with Vonage on FiOS with Actiontec MI424WR.

Matt Motherway

Another Net Neutrality Red Herring. Listen people. There is no conspiracy against you other than to get the most money out of your pocket. Taking a technology away from people is not the way to do that. As long as there is competition, companies cannot do whatever they want, or they will lose customers. I can’t wait to get FIOS, but if they want to block VOIP, then I’ll stick with cable. Or DSL. Or Satellite. Or WiFi. Or dial-up. There are plenty of companies out there who want my money and who can provide the service I want.


… to Ed Huang, I agree that the DHCP is bad in the actiontec. I really do not know why they did not fix that yet. The problem is very simple, if a DHCP lease time expires since a coputer does not log in for long time, the next time the same MAC address tries to get an address the DHCP will not work.

It is possible that this might be a workaround for some of the other pieces a.k.a. STB which might not work correctly. a.k.a. having the wrong MAC address during boot-strap. (Only guessing here)


… To Eric Mandel, setting up two routers in cascade is not the easiest of tasks, and most home routers are not even built to do that efficiently this is why everything works when you have it in switched mode.

As a possible solution, you might be running behind a double NAT in your configuration. You should disable NAT in one of the routers and enable RIP on both. This should get your setup to work. By the way, there is nothing wrong with the bridged configuration that you are using.


Works great for me … I only have FiOS Data 20Down/5Up and no phone service from verizon.

Router is Actiontec MI-424WR.
LinkSys PAP-2 NA

Using Voipdiscount for outgoing calls
Using GalaxyVoice for incoming calls

(Stanaphone and Messagenet (Italian provider) both working great)

Working great for almost a year.
What was reported here is very likely a user generated problem.

Douglas Hopkins

My Vonage voip on the high-speed FIOS option works better than any cell phone connection I’ve ever had, crisp & clear. Very close to copper based analogue. Six months, no problems. Superb service on minor adjustments. NJ. I do have a Vonage complaint: paying for unlimited dialing to the EU, but can NEVER get through.

Ed Huang

My voip works fine with the actiontec router, however, other machines of mine do not work well with my actiontec because it’s a crappy router. I don’t think it handles DHCP timeouts very well – you’re much better off manually assigning ip addresses. You should of course assign ip addresses manually if you’re going to use the firewall.

Eric Mandel

I just got Fios 2 weeks ago with the Actiontec MI424WR and I can confirm similar VoIP problems. I connect to my corporate voice pbx and since the switch we have had little or no service when running through the Actiontec. Interestingly, when we change the configuration to act as a bridge to our linksys router, everything runs fine.

In troubleshooting the Actiontec, we encountered several SIP errors in the log. We chose not troubleshoot it since we didn’t want to deal with an unresponsive tech support. I’d love to be in touch with your verizon contacts and sort this out.

Daryll Strauss

I’ve had FIOS working with another VOIP provider just fine since day one. I also use the actiontec router mentioned. So it doesn’t seem to be a general problem.

Craig Carignan

Vonage has been working without any trouble at my house for the last two years with Verizon FIOS

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