Is Verizon blocking VoIP on FiOS?

Andy Abramson says Verizon is blocking VoIP on its FiOS fiber-to-the-home service. He apparently got a heads up from an AT&T user who said that his ActionTec router that “connects to the FIOS Coax won’t allow him to use AT&T’s CallVantage.” On the DSLReports forums, there have been some problems reported as well. We decided to check in with Verizon and ask them what’s the real story.

Their spokesperson emailed us back with this response: “There is no blocking of VOIP over FiOS. We have not been aware of any widespread problem like the one described. We want FiOS to work flawlessly for our customers, and this specific problem is being investigated. In all likelihood this is some specific equipment issue with the compatibility between routers involved here. “

It would have been great to know the router model number that is causing problems, because Actiontec is a Verizon-approved router vendor. If you are experiencing some problems, let us know. If not, then which service you are using and how is the performance so far?