Forget the airline movie, get mobile tech instead


American_airlines_archosGood news for American Airlines travelers; the company has a four-month trial to provide mobile tech comforts on the flight. Transcontinental first- and business-class flyers get a a nice loaner set of gear: Archos 704 media players with hours of pre-loaded content, plus the glitzy Bose QuietComfort ‘phones. Domestic first-class MD80 flights between L.A. and Chicago get downsized a little: you get the Archos 605 which also includes Cartoon Network content for the kids….or for you when the kids aren’t looking. ;)

(via Zatz Not Funny!)



The Archos 604 and 704 both have excellent built-in stands. They’re incredibly durable and stick-like: not friendly for the lap, but great for flat surfaces like an airline tray table.

Mike Cane

Thing is, do you *really* want to *hold* the fekkin thing to see some video? I’d rather recline and relax hands-free…

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