NBCU Searches For Solutions Beyond CPMs


NBCU would rather charge advertisers based on effectiveness than CPMs, according to Beth Comstock, president of integrated media. ClickZ has an account of her remarks during a q-and-a at a Stanford conference. The Total Audience Media Interactive research tool introduced in March is meant to give advertisers a way to gauge effectiveness across platforms. For instance, Heroes premieres on NBC, airs again on SciFi, is streamed on the NBC broadband player, can be purchased as a download, shown on mobile and more. NBCU and others argue that straight network CPMs aren’t the right way to pay for something with that kind of reach. Comstock: “It’s not enough to create something in one place. You have to take that content and distribute it. You have to be able to distribute that content to almost 100 percent of the Internet.”

On DRM: Comstock said she expects DRM to stay in place for at least the next couple of years: “How can you create a business without some kind of content protection with economics around it?”

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