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YouTube Finally Pays Users — a few of them

YouTube is going to share revenue collected from banner ads with the indie video creators on whose pages the ads appear. However, this will be in extremely limited fashion — rolling out tomorrow with just 20 to 40 top producers on the site, such as Lonelygirl15, LisaNova, and Smosh. The deal elevates these select creators to the same status as partners such as CBS. It’s about time. Read the full story at NewTeeVee.

5 Responses to “YouTube Finally Pays Users — a few of them”

  1. People talk of the long tail, but I think they really don’t understand that the long tail can generate revenue for aggregators (Google, Amazon) or content owners (Viacom, Fox) but really does little for the individual content creator.

  2. ah yes. now viacom might take google’s calls again. as soon as the google acquisition announcement was made, you could see this adsense-like model coming.

    we begin with banner-ads, but how long before we have to sit through a 15 or 30 second commercial before we can proceed to watch our videos? i am guessing not long. should be a huge money maker for google. google and now the content provider can get revenues of # views, ppc and ppa from video ads. will make the 1.6 billion look like chump change.

    now there is a model for content-providers to cash-in, the 10-minute limit should disappear soon. full-length movies? sit through 6 – 60 second trailers or ads. youtube is on a collision path with netflix.

  3. Hi Liz,

    Yeah, seems like the big names have the power to negotiate (or YouTube care about them). And the smaller (long tail) users simply don’t have the organizing skills nor the power to negotiate with YouTube?

    May be the smaller users won’t mind being ignored or treated unfairly. Will see how the YouTube crowd will react to this news. It will be interesting to see if something like the backslash to re that famous key/number can happen to YouTube. Will be interesting to watch how things unfold.

    • Kempton