Spidey 3 Online Ahead of U.S. Release

It’s official: Spider-Man 3 has appeared online as an unauthorized download on public torrent trackers ahead of the release in theaters across the U.S. Just today, VCDQuality indexed two slightly different versions from the same source in China, presumably, as the recording is in English with Chinese subtitles according to one downloader who’s seen a portion.

Spider-Man 3 CAM Bootleg Stills

Here are some stills that should give a good idea of the picture quality, and here’s a sample video (for now). “I’ve watched some bad releases in my time but this is a joke,” said one commenter.

The one from the aptly named Canalstreet crew is reportedly slightly better, but still bad even for an in-theater recording on a video camera based on further reviews in the forums. There’s also a French copy available, though again, it may be the same source with new subtitles overlaid.

Whether this will help or hurt ticket sales for the most expensive film in history is anyone’s guess. I suspect that the opening weekend will probably be one of the strongest ever, if only because who would want to watch a theme park ride alone at home when part of the show is going to the theater to see the nerds in costume?

So even if you happen to be shopping for DVDs in Shanghai, better to catch it in the theater. In the meantime, Yahoo! Movies has an exclusive clip and plenty of other completely legal videos.