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Spidey 3 Online Ahead of U.S. Release

It’s official: Spider-Man 3 has appeared online as an unauthorized download on public torrent trackers ahead of the release in theaters across the U.S. Just today, VCDQuality indexed two slightly different versions from the same source in China, presumably, as the recording is in English with Chinese subtitles according to one downloader who’s seen a portion.

Spider-Man 3 CAM Bootleg Stills

Here are some stills that should give a good idea of the picture quality, and here’s a sample video (for now). “I’ve watched some bad releases in my time but this is a joke,” said one commenter.

The one from the aptly named Canalstreet crew is reportedly slightly better, but still bad even for an in-theater recording on a video camera based on further reviews in the forums. There’s also a French copy available, though again, it may be the same source with new subtitles overlaid.

Whether this will help or hurt ticket sales for the most expensive film in history is anyone’s guess. I suspect that the opening weekend will probably be one of the strongest ever, if only because who would want to watch a theme park ride alone at home when part of the show is going to the theater to see the nerds in costume?

So even if you happen to be shopping for DVDs in Shanghai, better to catch it in the theater. In the meantime, Yahoo! Movies has an exclusive clip and plenty of other completely legal videos.

22 Responses to “Spidey 3 Online Ahead of U.S. Release”

  1. better quality bootleg should appear over the weekend.
    People who download bootlegs don’t really care for the movie anyway (hence not wanting to pay the $10+)
    Plenty of people will want to see Spiderman, so it shouldn’t affect ticket sales much.

  2. Is anybody actually suprised that this was released? Don’t forget the excellent Spider-man 2 that Centropy put out a few years ago. This is early days, more releases will come, starting with Telesyncs or re-dubbed R5 DVDs (effectively Telecines).

    The movie will still make an absolute fortune. How do I know? Hey, I’m a member of staff at VCDQuality and I’ll be going to see the movie this weekend.

    P.S. Don’t we own the rights to our screenshots on VCDQ? Don’t use our images without our permission ;o)

  3. heddy

    What’s the point of this post on this site? What does this have to do with tv, new or otherwise?

    The quality of this rip is awful, anyway. Asian subs, sloping video, heads and shadows everywhere.

  4. I don’t know about you but the Spiderman series has had a declining rate of production (not in action, but in script quality). The first one was great and very true to the original cartoons/comic. But I found the second one to be really really boring and they took cheap liberties with throwing in ‘action scenes’ when they really weren’t needed ..sorta pandering to an easily pacified Audience. Is this really the most expensive film produced to date? I find that hard to believe…

  5. We are quite well versed on this type of stuff. We are a metrics firm located in San Francisco that, among other things, tracks this content for media companies so they can plan events, advertising, syndication, and plan new business models more effectively. It was interesting to see it spread in the thousands per second across the globe. I think Sony should have released it in the US., Japan, and China at the same time. When you are charging 10 dollars a ticket, releasing it late in your single most lucrative market is probably not wise.