Joost Is Error-Prone

Apologies to all of you who’ve requested invites to Joost. We’d love to let you into the service, but over the past few days we have had trouble launching the application ourselves. I’d had no problems running earlier versions, but these days can’t even get the thing to start.

First I was getting an error message saying the software was “Unable to connect to network.” Now I’m hung on a screen saying “Channels pre-installed successfully.” And Om is seeing something saying “An unknown error occurred, sorry.”

We are both on Intel Macs. There seem to be plenty of people experiencing similar problems on various types of machines, many contributing to an enormous Joost forum thread under the header “I can’t get the application to run. What do I do?” I don’t see much in the way of useful responses from Joost itself.

Update: Joost CEO Fredrik de Wahl writes in to apologize and say the company is having trouble coping with demand. He promises to fix the issue.


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