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Joost Is Error-Prone

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Apologies to all of you who’ve requested invites to Joost. We’d love to let you into the service, but over the past few days we have had trouble launching the application ourselves. I’d had no problems running earlier versions, but these days can’t even get the thing to start.

First I was getting an error message saying the software was “Unable to connect to network.” Now I’m hung on a screen saying “Channels pre-installed successfully.” And Om is seeing something saying “An unknown error occurred, sorry.”

We are both on Intel Macs. There seem to be plenty of people experiencing similar problems on various types of machines, many contributing to an enormous Joost forum thread under the header “I can’t get the application to run. What do I do?” I don’t see much in the way of useful responses from Joost itself.

Update: Joost CEO Fredrik de Wahl writes in to apologize and say the company is having trouble coping with demand. He promises to fix the issue.

26 Responses to “Joost Is Error-Prone”

  1. Do these problems show up on all platforms or just OS X? Most of the posts I have seen seem to point toward a Mac client issue, although I haven’t read the thread linked in this article.

    On a separate note a couple people said they had extra invites, if you still have any left can I get one?



    [email protected]

  2. Remember Joost is still in limited invite only BETA for a reason and there are bound to be errors in a servive that is its still being activly developed and bugs are found on a daily basis as the Joost developers optimise the code in the client and backend services and try roll out new features.

    Because Joost is Hybrid p2p they may have scaling issues and they still use standard HTTP for the long tail servers that might be getting slammed to top up bandwidth needed to serve the streams with the influx of new users now the BETA been expanded .

    Please understand this is part of the whole BETA process and the best way for users to help the developers out is to make sure you submit bug reports and feature requests [

  3. I’ve had loads of trouble with the service too, needing to uninstall and reinstall several times. True, it’s a beta service, but Joost hasn’t exactly been quiet about it. Joost has lined up 32 advertisers and has signed deals with major content providers and continues to issue press releases about each deal. So it seems natural the service would come under greater scrutiny when it doesn’t work, and frankly, it doesn’t work well.

  4. What’s up with everyone being so harsh, and so quick to judge, a service that is in beta? They’ve been very clear and up-front about the fact that the service is not ready for prime-time yet, and there will be bugs, and that the whole point of this stage is exactly to find those bugs, experience them, and deal with them. Everyone chill out and give them a break!

  5. medialives

    Big mistake rushing out a service that doesnt work…I for one am not impressed but the errors I was met with…

    I think this one is being driven more by PR machines than real value-add…too bad !

  6. Mitchell Cardwell

    A lot of people are probably installing Joost at work and Joost is very un-firewall friendly. It uses protocols and ports that are routinely blocked. I work at a media company that’s partnered with Joost and we can’t use it at work.

  7. Yes, we’re a bit red-faced today.

    As you’ve pointed out, we’re having some problems….. We’ve been flooded with demand, which is fabulous and ultimately will make the system stronger, but since it’s unaccustomed to this level of usage it’s stumbling a bit, whereas we’d like it to be sprinting. We regret that you’re not getting you should right now, but we’re getting an incredible look at the system at work (… and more importantly what’s not working) so that we can reduce the likelihood of this happening again.

    We’ll post again when the issue is fixed.

    Thanks for your patience…..we’re getting there.

    Fredrik, CEO of Joost

  8. Liz Gannes

    OK that worked, but I ended up having to pay $12.95 for AppZapper. Now that I’m in the new release of Joost, you can’t invite people except for when you’re in full-screen mode. So this looks like it’ll be slow going.

  9. You can fix it but you need to uninstall and re-install Joost using something like AppZapper to remove all the preference files.

    It was a pain in the ass but it’s actually a bug to do with the channel acquisition system when it starts up.