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Microsoft Acquires French Mobile Advertising Firm ScreenTonic

Microsoft has finally acquired a mobile advertising service…last year it had extensive talks with U.S. mobile ad firm Third Screen Media, but nothing came out of it. (Now TSM is believed to be in final stages of its talks with AOL-owned

Anyway, MSFT has now acquired European mobile phone advertising company ScreenTonic, based in Paris, France. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. ScreenTonic’s mobile ad solutions includes all format, from display to text, as well as ad management and reporting capabilities for publishers as well as operators. ScreenTonic has relationships with operators in Belgium, France and the U.K., and it is likely MSFT will use the technology for U.S. as well.

ScreenTonic, founded in 2001, had funding from 3i and I-Source Gestion. History of the company here.

More details in the release.

2 Responses to “Microsoft Acquires French Mobile Advertising Firm ScreenTonic”

  1. Good for Microsoft, Good for the Mobile Web.

    This acquisition should get some more "mobile savvy" types into Microsoft which can only help it to better understand the marketplace and shed its "laggard" image.

    Since by their nature ads expose people to a world "outside the operator portal", and educate people about visits being associated with brands other than operators, this should be good for web growth.

    Businesses are moving away from a reliance on SMS for marketing response to a mobile web model where content is browsed (and potentially paid for) on the mobile. Mobile advertising flourishes in this space by driving consumers to new services. People are using their mobile web browser to get to off-portal material. [Should also be good for Bango, because we enable content providers engage quickly and easily with mobile web users and build a business on the mobile web.]

    Flat rate data coming soon!

    Microsoft will be aware of the plans by all major mobile operators to offer flat rate data rates for mobile web access. This will cause an explosion of activity on the mobile web and a great opportunity for advertisers – especially while mobile ads are still a novelty.

    Screentonic is a good company. Lets hope their innovation is not stifled!