The Gadgeteer reviews the OQO Model 02


I first saw the OQO Model 02 in Las Vegas in January of this year and it impresses me the more I see it on the web.  The Gadgeteer has posted what I think is the best comprehensive review of the 02 and it really gets the old gadget lust going in full gear.  The review has lots of photos comparing the screen brightness to other devices like the Fujitsu P1510D:


I can’t wait to see OQO ship the version with integrated EV-DO and Vista, that should make the OQO a real mobile powerhouse without requiring any other gear along.  I am also very interested to see what owners think about the Tablet PC experience of the OQO since it has an active digitizer.  Uh oh, better hide the credit cards.


John in Norway


I’m actually ambidextrous but write with my right hand usually. :)
I’ve just renabled the touch scrollers and tried a bit of left-handed writing and it went okay. No problem avoiding them.


John in Norway – re the touch scrollers – are you left or right handed? I’m left handed so hope there won’t be a problem
I put my order in for a Vista version yesterday

John in Norway

Who needs enemies when you have blogbuddies.

James Kendrick

John in Norway, I’ve been wearing bifocals for several years now. I use the no-line bifocals so nobody can tell I wear them. Until now since you called me out.

John in Norway

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m over 40 (nearer 50) and I’ve got an OQO 02. Does that sound like a confession? To answer some questions:

The screen is fantastic and easy to read. However, I wear glasses to see into the distance and I have to take them off to be able to read what’s on the screen. Why is this a problem? Well, I like to do things on my PC while watching TV. It means I’ll have to buy some bifocals and admit that I’m old. If James can do it then so can I. :)

As to the Tablet experience. It’s a bit weird. Apart from the small screen size it works okay for the most part. I’ve had to turn off the capacitive touch scrollers because they get in the way. Sometimes the cursor will jump to another place on the screen for no reason. Almost as if I’ve accidentally brushed my hand over the touch scrollers which I’ve turned off. Supposedly they’re coming out with an updated driver soon to sort out the vectoring problem in OneNote so hopefully that will help with this as well.

As a final note I’ll say that this is a far better UMPC than the Samsung Q1 that I also have. Also, it feels so solid and well engineered in the hands. This is the nearest I’ve ever been to my perfect mobile PC.

Anton P. Nym

Gary Krakow of MSNBC just did a review of the FlipStart that did a bit of comparison with the OQO 02. He concludes that he’d be happy to use either, especially in combination with Slingbox.

I’m guessing that means magnifying glasses aren’t as necessary for these models as I’d feared.

— Steve

Tax Man

I saw that photo too. Amazing! Still, I’m about to be 45 and already own at least 2 pairs of reading glasses (counting only the ones I can still find). Can I really work on a screen that small? I’ve adapted to the Q1 okay but I don’t know that smaller would be better in this case…Let’s have an OQO review by someone over 40! LOL

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