Prom Queen Draws a Crowd

I must admit I have watched all 31 episodes released so far of Prom Queen, though I live in fear of getting caught with the melodramatic high schoolers on my laptop screen. The 90-second format is thoroughly addicting, and besides, I’m “working.”

Turns out I’m not the only one who keeps tuning in. The series gets about 200,000 views per day, according to figures provided to MediaWeek. Prom Queen totaled 5.2 million views since April 2, with 3.7 million of those on MySpace. The show’s MySpace pages, which are updated with blog posts and videos from the characters, have added 18,000 friends.

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Doug Cheney, a creator, writer, and director of Prom Queen, told us the creators’ previous series, Sam Has 7 Friends, had gotten something like 2 million views in total over its own 80 episodes run, so it seems the Michael Eisner hype and distribution power is working. Any of the guilty 200,000 viewers per day want to share here why they like it?


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