Open Thread: What Calendar Do You Use?

Weekdate plannerI embrace paper for my to do list while choosing online calendaring. But these three paper calendars from tempt me towards entirely analog planning. I can’t decide which one looks most fun and useful.

Perhaps the WeekDate, which uses an innovative design to handle recurring events, would suit:

One of the common drawbacks of using a paper calendar is having to write recurring events repeatedly, and then, of course, you have the hassle of erasing and updating all of them when something changes. One calendar has changed all of that. WeekDate is one of the most creative things I have seen in a while. You write in all of your monthly recurring appointments, all of your weekly recurring appointments, and then all of your specific day appointments on different folded-in “flaps” of the calendar itself, so that you can view them all at once and have no need to rewrite things.

Closed, the Weekdate planner measures 9.5″ by 4″, a bit smaller than a piece of office paper folded lengthwise in half. You can fit one in your handbag or man bag and choose from a variety of cover designs.

What’s your calendaring solution? Paper or electronic?


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