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SMS Technology Australia might only be hours ahead of me on the globe, but they’re years ahead of my current watch. Take a look at their M500 product and tell me what you think it is when I describe these specs: quad-band GSM, 1.5-inch OLED touchscreen, MP3 and MP4 support, 200 minutes of talk-time, 80 hours of standby, USB and Bluetooth support.

You’re thinking phone, right? They’re thinking you want a watch with those capabilities because that’s what the M500 is and it just went through the FCC. I have the believe that using the touchscreen, even with the included stylus, would be a chore for any large messages, but I’m impressed nonetheless. No word on price as the "Buy it now" link shows a page under maintenance. I’m probably lucky it did although the company indicates some previous Internet orders are shipping at the end of this month.

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Kevin C. Tofel

Ehrich, the photo provided from the site is conceptual; click the FCC link and view the “External Photos” for a look at the tested product. It’s a real device.


Didn’t anyone notice the main screen shot on the watch is etremely similar to the iPhone image on apple’s site http://www.apple.com/iphone/ ?

If this is not a haox, the images may not be real.


Um, I’m pretty sure that would be “quad GSM”…

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