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Yahoo defending its turf: display ads

After spending $680 million to scoop-up Right Media, Yahoo today announced a deal with Comcast to sell display and video advertising on Comcast’s web sites, which get a total of 2.5 billion page views a month. The deal also covers planned Fancast website.

Comcast has been slowly transforming itself into a web giant, and is ranked amongst the top ten web destinations, according to Comscore. Comcast has plans to launch many other destinations, as it chases the web opportunities.

Like most broadband providers, Comcast has realized it has been leaving ad-dollars on the table, and is now getting pretty aggressive about trying to mop some of that up. It needs to in order to finance some of the network build-outs it has to undertake in the near future.

For Yahoo, Google’s decision to move into the display advertising side of business (by buying DoubleClick) has injected a sense of urgency and the company is fighting hard to protect its turf.

AdWeek reports that this deal smacks Google on its nose. Google was supposedly “in negotiations with Comcast on a wide-ranging deal that would let the Internet giant sell not just online ads but would also give it access to cable inventory.”

One does wonder how AT&T feels about this deal Yahoo has cut with its arch nemesis.

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  1. Google has up until now, always kept consumers privacy and past history out of its product scope. Their position was that by utilizing prior history or cookies, would be an infringement on its users privacy. The recent purchase of DCLK and other announcements made by Google, support that now Google will begin utilizing Behavioral targeting tactics to increase its relevancy. This is a huge shift in its culture for the one time “do good, don’t do evil” behemoth.

    The game is getting interesting.