Why I can’t wait for the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade



My T-Mobile Dash will be getting the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade, perhaps as early as this Friday when it’s expected we’ll see the official update. Yes, there’s a leaked ROM out there and while it’s probably safe to install, I’m going to wait the few more days for the official upgrade from T-Mobile. There’s a few reasons I’m looking forward to the upgrade, but the main one has to do with this picture of my current Today screen. See the 114 unread e-mails? That’s the issue: I don’t have any unread e-mails when viewing the same account on any other machine or phone….

This has been an issue for a good month or so; I mentioned it on a MobileTechRoundup podcast and actually deleted e-mails live during the show. Of course, everything got synched up nicely then so James, Matt and all of the listeners figured I was crazy. They could be right, but that’s irrelevant to the sporadic issue. Let’s see if I can describe in a little more detail so you can understand my frustration level.

I have my e-mail on a hosted Exchange server. From there, the mail is synchronized through any and all of my computing clients which entails a few desktops, two laptops, two smartphones and a UMPC. Regardless of what device I’m using, I’m set up to always have all of my mail up to date. If I read or delete an e-mail on one device, it’s read or deleted on all others, which is a great boon to productivity. The issue is that the synchronization on the Dash works sporadically.

If I delete an e-mail on the Dash, it gets deleted on all of my other clients. However, the opposite is not true: if I delete a note on any other device, it stays as unread on the Dash. The problem typically lasts for several days and then has magically fixed itself. Unfortunately, I’m going on about six days with the problem and I have no idea what the issue is. Hopefully, a flash of the ROM to Windows Mobile 6 will do the trick but we’ll have to wait and see.

While I wait for the upgrade, is anyone else seeing this problem? If so, on what device?

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