Rumor mill- Vista OQO 02 shipping in July with an Intel processor


Like all rumors take this one with a super giant grain of salt.  A poster on OQO Talk has reported that an OQO rep told him that the OQO Model 02 will not be shipping with Vista until July due to problems with the VIA processor.  For this reason the Vista model will ship with an unnamed Intel processor.  Like I said, grain of salt.



John in Norway

Plus the fact there are people out there who have put Vista on their XP machines and everything is working fine. I haven’t because I’m happy with XP Tablet for now.

Warner Crocker

Oops. Sorry, meant to type James, but Kevin came out. I need to change those active word shortcuts. They are too close together. Sorry.


All publicity is good publicity as they say, well at least for a small company like OQO which doesn’t have any marketing budget I bet.

What’s the betting we get an announcement that Vista is shipping on OQOs at the end of the week!


Um, just a little bit… and refund everyone that got a crappy Via when they coulda had an better Intel CPU…


Yeah… um cause like you know how OQO couldn’t afford the MSDN subscription and couldn’t test of the betas or RTM’s of Vista like way before the November 06 business release or even the January 07 release… so they had to wait til it was available on the shelf at the local computer store before they could test it… only to find, *shock of all shocks*, *horror of all horrors*, Vista sucks on the CPU they chose. Whatever. I wouldn’t even take this with a grain of salt…

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