Giveaway of the day: RSS-to-Speech


Rsstospeech_wave_whiteToday’s freebie over at Giveaway of the Day caught my eye, actually, it caught my ear. RSS-to-Speech is a Windows compatible standalone version of a Google gadget from Apexoft. The original gadget takes RSS feeds and reads them aloud; the standalone app has the same functionality and doesn’t require Google desktop like the original gadget does. Normally, RSS-to-Speech costs $19 but the budget-busting posse at Giveaway of the Day have it available free today. Remember, like all other G of the D deals, you’ll need to download and activate the app by midnight tonight.

My money is on James to download and install this in advance of his next Starbuck’s visit. It’s only fair that he do this since folks aren’t following his office rules. ;)

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