i-mate JAQ3 winner announced – updated


I’ll admit, it had to be a challenge to find my very first and my fifth comments here at jkOnTheRun. Both of them are from way back in 2004, not long after James started the blog. The first is from James’ September post called "Connectivity and Reading". Here’s my first comment. The fifth is about a month later in a post titled "The Untapped Tablet PC Market" and my comment is right here. Who knew that two or three years later, I’d go from a commenter to a contributor!

OK, more importantly, who won the i-mate JAQ3 smartphone? The winner is Emily who posted links to both my first and fifth comments right here. Congrats to Emily for finding the needles in the haystack! Emily, just click on James’ cartoon head to shoot him an e-mail with your full name, address and phone number. Once again: congratulations! Stay tuned or subscribe to our RSS feed for the quickest notice of the next prize giveaway! We’re not even close to being done in the Geekapalooza…

UPDATE: Ah yes, the miracles of modern technology are wonderful….when they work. We have a correction to post as well as an explanation…

When we found my first and fifth posts, we had a little help:namely, we can filter in our blogging platform by commenter name. Whendoing so, we came up with the same two comments that Emily found,hence, we named her the winner. After that, we received a few e-mailsindicating that Emily actually found the 1st and 6th comment, so we duga little deeper. Sure enough, that is accurate. For some reason,TypePad omitted showing us my true fifth comment.

Three other entries did have the correct 1st and 5th posts and the first entry to do so was from Tuan.In an effort to award the prize to the correct entry, we’re going to dotwo things. First, the i-mate JAQ3 will go to Tuan for the correctanswer. Secondly, we’re going to award Emily the next prize in ourGeekapalooza contest as we feel badly about the inadvertant faux pasand don’t want her to walk away empty handed. Emily will receive a’Full Ilium Software Package", which was planned as prize number 4. Thepackage was graciously donated by Ilium and includes eWallet(Professional Edition), ListPro (Professional Edition), Keep Track(Professional Edition), NewsBreak, and DockWare Pro.

I’ve just communicated this information to Emily directly and hopeshe understands that we’re trying to do the right thing. As I told her,I personally feel awful about the mixup and I’ve learned not to totallytrust technology just yet. Rest assured that we’ll double-check ourentries going forward. A sincere thank-you to the folks that pointedout the contest issue to me via e-mail and for everyone’s understanding.


Martin M.

I would like to add that I have had a bad feeling about the format of this contest and have actually refrained from participating for just this reason. While you guys certainly have the right to do whatever you want, however you want, I just feel that something that requires a bit more of an interest in UMPCs and the surrounding techologies as opposed to when a comment(s) was made, or how many comments were made about an issue is just too complicated to track accurately. That in the fact that whoever is awake or online at the time you decide to post the details of contest has an obvious advantage.

Once again, I think we all appreciate the generousity, I would like to see some restructuring / rethinking so some knowledge as well as luck comes into play. At the least vary the style of the different contests so that the playing field is leveleded. Having a contest won becuase one person and can use Google better then others just somehow doesnt feel right to me, at least not in this particular blogs spirit.


i hate to disagree but i did go through the posts and you made 3 comments on the 17th..so that would include the 1st comment…but then the 4th comment is on september 22nd

this one http://jkontherun.blogs.com/jkontherun/2004/09/the_new_screen_.html

that would make the required fifth comment on october the 4th ..this one…http://jkontherun.blogs.com/jkontherun/2004/10/podcasting_can_.html

i think emily got the dates but back to front … and i think BW was the first to get them in the rigth order…though thats migth eb considered a technichality. anyways..

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