Dell to provide Ubuntu on select systems


Ubuntu_logoThis is an interesting move by Dell and speaks to the strides that open source is making in the OS space. This morning on the Direct2Dell blog, the company announced a partnership with Canonical to offer the Ubuntu distro of Linux on select machines. I downloaded Feisty Fawn, but haven’t gotten around to the install just yet. My last experience with Ubuntu was fairly positive although I remember some screen resolution issues with my widescreen monitor when installing on the desktop.

Two things come to mind here: along with the recent decision to keep offering Windows XP on certain models, Dell’s decision to offer Ubuntu as a choice shows that they’re listening to their customers; perhaps more than other computer sellers are right now. Additionally, I’m interested in seeing what the price difference will be in an Ubuntu-based machine since Dell won’t be paying an OEM license fee to Microsoft. Now that we know Dell is seriously listening to their customers, that Dell Tablet PC buzz has a little more credence in my book.

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