Chris Pirillo is angry? That never happens.

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OK, the title of this post is definitely facetious as Chris Pirillo is always angry about something.  To be fair he’s usually right when something stupid makes him mad about his tech and his latest run-in with Gateway tech support is no exception.  Now, you have to understand what happened to make Chris visit the dreaded tech support system.  He spilled coffee on his computer and made something go boom.  That’s right, he created the problem himself and is now complaining about the support system.  On the surface you would say "what nerve", at least I did when I first read his post about it but having gone all the way through I can sympathize with his plight, and it’s something that Gateway customers should be aware of.  To get the full picture go read Chris’ story all the way through but the short version is this:  he spilled coffee on his system and it killed his video card.  The rest of the system works fine.  Gateway tech support wanted Chris to send the whole system in for warranty repair, and they insured him they would wipe his hard drive clean.  Now Chris purchased "accidental damage" coverage from Gateway when he bought the system, no doubt he’s spilled things on his computers in the past and was thinking ahead.  Unfortunately Gateway is telling Chris he must buy a replacement video card in spite of the warranty coverage.  I always wonder if those additional cost warranties are worth it, now I know that Gateway’s probably isn’t.

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I think anyone in Chris’s shoes would be furious. He has bought almost every coverage possible. The accidental damage plan he bought even mentions: Coverage for accidental drops, spills & power surges. Yes, he spilled the coffee but he did buy a warranty that led him to believe he was covered for accidental drops and spills.

This is a clear example of a company, Gateway in this case, changing the rules case by case not to honor the engagement. This is very bad business practice.

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