Another reason to get a UMPC

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We’ve written many, many posts outlining our reasons for getting a UMPC but Susy Doyle may have come up with the best reason ever.  Susy writes the Scarlet Umbrella blog and she posted yesterday the best reason for getting a UMPC.  It seems yesterday we posted our latest contest in the jkOnTheRun Geekapalooza contest series and Susy had to run out the door and couldn’t enter.  She points out correctly that if she had a UMPC tethered to her cell phone she could have entered the contest on the commute to her appointment.  See?  Not owning a UMPC can even cost you money.  :)

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If she were in Seattle she could have flipped open a MBP and used her Novatel XU870 and used HSDPA to enter…

My Samsung ZX-20 recently gave up the ghost and I got a XU870 as I figure I’d just kill another ZX20 (the poor thing gets hot enough to cook eggs when i tether it).

I must say, I was incredibly impressed with how well the XU870 was integrated right out of the box by Mac OS X. Slide in SIM, slide card into Mac, menu pops up in upper right menu bar, click on it, select connect: a few seconds later you’re online. That’s out of the box, no CD to install. My Mom could handle it. :)

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